1937 Wills Our King and Queen Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wills Our King and Queen
Year 1937
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1937 Wills Our King and Queen Overview

1937 Wills Our King and Queen Tennis at Wimbledon1937 Wills Our King and Queen GolfThis set featured the Royal Family and was issued by the Imperial Tobacco Company for their Wills Cigarettes products. Distributed in 1937, the set included 50 cards showing the family in various settings. The black and white set features, specifically, King George and Queen Elizabeth, known as the Queen Mother.

Most of the cards are decidedly non-sports issues, featuring the family making charitable visits or at other events. However, some are considered sports issues. Specifically, four cards in the middle of the set are considered golf, tennis, soccer, and polo cards with King George playing or serving as a spectator.

Card No. 16 features the King playing a round of golf and Card No. 17 shows him at the World Cup Final. Card No. 18 features the King at Wimbledon and No. 19 pictures him playing a game of polo.

One notable aspect of this set is that the pictures are from many different years. So some of the cards depict the Royal Family before they became king and queen. Several of the King’s cards, for example, depict him as the Duke of York.

Like most Wills issues of the time period, these have a white border with the Wills name featured prominently at the top. The set is one of the heavily produced UK releases of the 1930s. But while the non-sports cards have minimal value, the sports cards featuring King George sell for a bit more.

Here’s a closer look at the sports cards in the set.

1937 Wills Our King and Queen Checklist

  1. King George
  2. The Royal Family
  3. Queen Elizabeth
  4. Royal Princesses
  5. Glamis Castle
  6. As Naval Cadet
  7. The King as Airman
  8. Historic Entry into Brussels
  9. Three Royal Brothers
  10. At YMCA Sports Carnival
  11. Wedding of the King and Queen
  12. With Disabled Ex-Service Men
  13. At Lady Maud Carnegie’s Wedding
  14. On Buckingham Palace Balcony
  15. With Queen Mary at Balmoral
  16. A Game of Golf
  17. At the Cup Final
  18. At Wimbledon
  19. Playing Polo for Lords v. Commons
  20. On a Model Railway
  21. With the Cottesmore Hunt
  22. En Route for Australia and New Zealand
  23. At Welsh National Eisteddfod
  24. Crossing the Line
  25. Opening of the Federal Parliament
  26. Greeting Maori Guides
  27. Fijians Pay Homage
  28. Inspecting Guard of Honour
  29. Deep Sea Fishing
  30. At Epsom
  31. At Winford Orthopaedic Hospital
  32. At a Bristol Tobacco Factory
  33. In Edinburgh
  34. Inspecting Scouts at Maidstone
  35. At Babies’ Hospital, Brockley
  36. Visit to Sheffield
  37. At Trooping the Colour Ceremony
  38. At a ‘Toc H’ Festival
  39. At the Brussels Exhibition
  40. The Silver Jubilee
  41. Arriving at Olympia
  42. At Royal Tournament, Olympia
  43. Visit to Boys’ Camp at Jesson, New Romney
  44. At Southwold Boys’ Camp, Suffolk
  45. Inspecting the R.N.V.R.
  46. At Perth, Scotland
  47. Driving from Crathie Church
  48. Proclamation of the Coronation
  49. Visit to a Durham Pit
  50. The Princesses and their Miniature House

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