Madden Library Exhibit featured Fresno area players

Earlier this year, Fresno State’s Madden Library hosted an exhibit of baseball cards featuring players with ties to the Fresno area. While some newer sports personalities such as Tom Seaver and Bobby Cox were featured, the exhibit also included some pre-war players, such as Chicago Cubs star Frank Chance.

More than 35 Chance caramel/tobacco cards were included in the exhibit. Overall, numerous pre-war cards were on display, including those from the T205 and T206 sets, American Caramel cards, Goudey Gum cards, Sporting News, Play Ball, Mecca, Turkey Red, Hassan, National Chicle, and Zeenut.

In addition to the live exhibit, the library provided a special app available in the Apple store, the American Baseball Card Museum Fresno cARds. The app allowed users to view the cards electronically so that they could view the backs without handling the cards. In addition, it was helpful for those who could not attend the exhibit in person.

A total of nearly 400 cards and other items were on display.

Photo used with permission of the American Baseball Card Museum.

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