1930 Caramelos La Estrella del Ring Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Caramelos La Estrella del Ring
Year 1930
Size 3/4″ x 1″
Images Sepia
Type Gum/Candy
Number in Set

1930 Caramelos La Estrella del Ring Set Overview

1930 Caramelos La Estrella Boxing Max Schmeling.jpgThese small Cuban cards were made by a caramel manufacturer. With 100 cards in the set, the issue features the world’s biggest boxing stars of the time.

The most distinctive feature of the cards is their small size. They measure only about an inch tall and are similar to the more common Baguer Chocolates set, also believed to have been printed in the same year. The link to Baguer is obvious as both products (in addition to others, including La Constancia, Mestre y Martinica, La Habanera, and El Fenix) were produced by the same company, Cuba Industrial y Comercial S.A.

Both sets have a similar design with the subject’s name on the front and a differing but short message in Spanish on the back. In addition to Habana (Havana) on the back, these boxing cards also have the print, “Caramelos la Estrella,” translating to Star Caramels. The backs are printed in blue or black ink. I have also seen some with blank backs. However, I am not certain those were not pasted into albums and subsequently removed, removing the text in the process.

The set is headlined by Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney, and includes numerous Hall of Famers and stars.


A special orange album was printed for these cards, into which they were designed to be pasted. The album also provides some insight as to why (in part) these cards may be so rare.

The album indicates that anyone sending in a complete album with all 100 cards would receive a prize – either a boxing glove or a box of chocolates. If those cards were redeemed and not returned, that would help explain their rarity. It does not seem likely they were returned as I have not yet seen any bearing a hole punch or other such redemption stamp that would indicate to the company they could not be redeemed again.

The special offer was only for a limited time as collectors had to send an entire set in by November 30, 1930.

1930 Caramelos La Estrella Set Checklist

  1. Matt Adgie
  2. Aguiar
  3. Ricardo Alis
  4. Carlos Aracil
  5. Arguelles
  6. Guillermo Arnau
  7. Sid Barbarian
  8. Segundo Bartos
  9. Jack Bernstein
  10. Black Bill
  11. R. Castillo
  12. Kid Charol
  13. Kid Chocolate
  14. Young Ciclone
  15. Elky Clark
  16. Tomas Cola
  17. Harry Cook
  18. Liberto Corney
  19. Eugenio Criqui
  20. Jack de Mave
  21. Arthur de Kuh
  22. Ponce de Leon
  23. Pantera de Regla
  24. Aramis del Pino
  25. Jimmy Delaney
  26. Jack Dempsey
  27. Esparraguer
  28. Johnny Farr
  29. Victor Ferrano
  30. Figurin
  31. Luis Firpo
  32. C. Flix
  33. Jimmy Flynn
  34. Henry Froehner
  35. Paul Gay
  36. Jose Girones
  37. Joe Glick
  38. Manuel Gonzalez
  39. Knute Hansen
  40. Babe Herman
  41. Eddie Huffman
  42. Kid Kaplan
  43. Billy Kelly
  44. Fidel La Barba
  45. Dixie La Hood
  46. Peter Latzo
  47. Stanislao Loaiza
  48. Antonio Lopez
  49. Tommy Loughran
  50. Hilario Martinez
  51. Jimmy McLarnin
  52. Al Mello
  53. S. Montgomery
  54. Jim Moran
  55. Tod Morgan
  56. Teodoro Mural
  57. Tommy O’Brien
  58. Oldani
  59. Padron
  60. Jose Pena
  61. Inocencio Perez
  62. Martin Perez
  63. Petit-Biquet
  64. Elpidio Pizarro
  65. A. Pomares
  66. R. Porcher
  67. Maurice Prunier
  68. Frank Puig
  69. Luis Quadrini
  70. Quintana
  71. Jack Renault
  72. Emilio Romerio
  73. Francisco Ros
  74. Charles Rosenberg
  75. Maxie Rosenbloom
  76. Joey Ross
  77. Antonio Ruiz
  78. Peter S.
  79. Pedro Saez
  80. Arthur Schackels
  81. Max Schmeling
  82. Jack Sharkey
  83. Eddie Shea
  84. Young Stribling
  85. Chick Suggs
  86. J. Tafall (Dempsey)
  87. Jim Terry
  88. Theodore Tiger
  89. Tomas Tomas
  90. Gene Tunney
  91. Paulino Uzcudun
  92. Luis Vallespin
  93. Justo Vidal
  94. Lucien Vinez
  95. Lorenzo Vitria
  96. Art Weigand
  97. Harry Wills
  98. Arthur Wyns
  99. TBD – Sid
  100. TBD

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