1925 Carreras Happy Families Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Carreras Happy Families
Year 1925
Size 1 7/16″ x 2 11/16″ and 2 1/2″ x 3″
Images Color
Type Tobacco / Game
Number in Set

1925 Carreras Happy Families Set Overview

1925 Carreras Happy Families Golf Card Mrs LuckyThis interesting issue featured a total of 48 playing cards. These were issued by Carreras and while they are mostly commonly considered a tobacco issue, could also be counted as a game card set.

Fronts of the cards have full color cartoon images of the people. Many, though not all, of the people depicted show them smoking a cigarette. The backs have a standard blue-ink playing card design. Backs also carry the ‘Happy Families’ name and indicate there are 48 cards in the set.

The set is similar to the 1939 Wills Happy Families set. Cards are divided into families with each family consisting of four cards – a father, mother, son, and daughter. An occupation is featured in each family with the father as the focal point. The mother and father are Mrs. and Mr., respectively. Sons are called ‘Master’ and daughters are called ‘Miss.’

Most of the cards are non-sports issues. However, a couple of sports cards are in the set, including a female golfer named, “Mrs. Lucky.” Soccer, as you might expect in an international issue, is also a focal point. One of the occupations spotlighted is that of a footballer (or in America, a soccer player). A second soccer card is also included as the man’s son, the master, is also a youth soccer player.

In all, a total of 12 different occupations were used:

  1. Undertaker
  2. Tobacconist
  3. Dustman (Garbage Man)
  4. Policeman
  5. Schoolmaster
  6. Judge
  7. Butler
  8. Butcher
  9. Plumber
  10. Jeweler
  11. Sweep (Chimney Sweep)
  12. Footballer

The set is also easily identifiable as a Carreras set as some collectors of UK cards might notice. They have generally the same design as Carreras’ 1927 Nose Game cards, which were printed two years later.

Larger Variation

1925 Carreras Happy Families Golf Card Mrs Lucky LargeIn addition, like many UK sets, a second, larger variation of these cards exist. That was a popular theme found in UK cigarette sets so it is not unexpected to see it here, though it certainly is a cause for confusion among American collectors.

Shown here is an image of the larger golf card.

The larger cards are virtually the same as the smaller ones. Same pictures, same families, same designs. The primary difference is on the backs. Backs of smaller cards are in blue ink while these larger ones have a red-ink design. Even the card numbers are the same, which is not always a given in these types of UK variations. UK sets that have larger variations are not always exactly the same as several of the larger issues include a smaller number of cards. However, that is not the case here.

The larger cards are also more like our traditional American cards, measuring only slightly smaller at about 2 1/2″ x 3″. They look much more like a square card than the smaller rectangular shape of the others.

Finally, as is the case with most larger variations, the bigger ones are more much tougher to find and were not likely printed in the same quantities as their smaller counterparts.

1925 Carreras Happy Families Checklist

Undertaker’s Family

1. Miss Gasper
2. Master Gasper
3. Mr. Gasper
4. Mrs. Gasper

Tobacconist Family

5. Miss Pouch
6. Master Pouch
7. Mr. Pouch
8. Mrs. Pouch

Dustman Family

9. Miss Ash
10. Master Ash
11. Mr. Ash
12. Mrs. Ash

Policeman Family

13. Miss Holder
14. Master Holder
15. Mr. Holder
16. Mrs. Holder

Schoolmaster Family

17. Miss Fagg
18. Master Fagg
19. Mr. Fagg
20. Mrs. Fagg

Judge Family

21. Miss Case
22. Master Case
23. Mr. Case
24. Mrs. Case

Butler Family

25. Miss Tray
26. Master Tray
27. Mr. Tray
28. Mrs. Tray

Butcher Family

29. Miss Lights
30. Master Lights
31. Mr. Lights
32. Mrs. Lights

Plumber Family

33. Miss Pipe
34. Master Pipe
35. Mr. Pipe
36. Mrs. Pipe

Jeweler Family

37. Miss Lucky
38. Master Lucky
39. Mr. Lucky
40. Mrs. Lucky (golf)

Sweep Family

41. Miss Smoke
42. Master Smoke
43. Mr. Smoke
44. Mrs. Smoke

Footballer Family

45. Miss Match
46. Master Match (soccer)
47. Mr. Match (soccer)
48. Mrs. Match

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