1939 Wills Happy Families Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wills Happy Families
Year 1939
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Color
Type Tobacco / Game
Number in Set

1939 Wills Happy Families Set Overview

1939 Wills Happy Families Tennis.jpgThis interesting issue featured a total of 32 playing cards. These were issued by Wills and while they are mostly commonly considered a tobacco issue, could also be counted as a game card set.

The cards feature various Wills tobacco brands, grouping people together with those brands and calling them families. The cards generally have an odd look. Each person has a Wills tobacco product wrapped around them.

Most of the cards are non-sports issues. However, a couple of sports cards are in the set, including a female tennis player and a male soccer player. The tennis player represents Wills’ Cut Golden Bar tobacco while the soccer player represents their Woodbine brand.

In all, a total of eight different brands were used. With each brand, there was Mr. and Mrs. cards to represent the parents and Miss and Master cards to represent the children. The eight brands in the set were as follows:

  1. Bulwark
  2. Capstan
  3. Cut Golden Bar
  4. Goldflake
  5. Legation
  6. Star
  7. Viceroy
  8. Woodbine

Fronts of the cards have full color cartoon images of the people while the backs have a standard red-ink playing card design. The cards were packaged inside of a red-ink box with the Happy Families title on the front.

1939 Wills Happy Families Checklist


  1. Master Bulwark
  2. Master Capstan
  3. Master Cut Golden Bar
  4. Master Goldflake
  5. Master Legation
  6. Master Star
  7. Master Viceroy
  8. Master Woodbine


  1. Miss Bulwark
  2. Miss Capstan
  3. Miss Cut Golden Bar
  4. Miss Goldflake
  5. Miss Legation
  6. Miss Star
  7. Miss Viceroy
  8. Miss Woodbine


  1. Mr. Bulwark
  2. Mr. Capstan
  3. Mr. Cut Golden Bar
  4. Mr. Goldflake
  5. Mr. Legation
  6. Mr. Star
  7. Mr. Viceroy
  8. Mr. Woodbine


  1. Mrs. Bulwark
  2. Mrs. Capstan
  3. Mrs. Cut Golden Bar
  4. Mrs. Goldflake
  5. Mrs. Legation
  6. Mrs. Star
  7. Mrs. Viceroy
  8. Mrs. Woodbine

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