1922 T231 Fans Cigarettes Set Checklist Remains A Mystery

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T231 Fans Cigarettes
Year 1922
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T231 Fans Cigarettes Overview

T231 Fans Cigarettes.jpgOne pre-war card set that doesn’t attract a lot of discussion is the T231 Fans Cigarettes set. That’s largely due to the fact that so little is known about the cards.

The cards are so rare that only a few examples have been publicly acknowledged so far. A few years ago, in fact, only the third ever card was reported.

The cards include black and white images on the front. Adding to the intrigue was that the cards were apparently a part of some type of contest. Collectors sent the cards in with their name/address written on them. While the cards may not have been heavily printed, that they were part of some sort of redemption program makes their scarcity much more understandable.

But this scarce? The cards are also numbered on the fronts. Carson Bigbee’s card, one of the three found, is the highest numbered at No. 85. Presumably, then, at least that many cards would be in the set. For that many to be part of the set but only three cards to surface at this point is curious.

Also interesting is that, despite so few cards surfacing, the set was chronicled in the American Card Catalog. Even though we only know of three in existence today, at least one had to be known/seen by old-time collector Jefferson Burdick. Were more of these cards known before or did Burdick only manage to see one of the three examples we know of today?

Perhaps more will be known about this set someday. For now, however, the cards remain a true mystery.

T231 Fans Cigarettes Checklist

Only three cards have been found to date. Those include the following:

No. 61 Home Run Baker
No. 65 Larry Gardner
No. 85 Carson Bigbee

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