1910-19 Coupon Cigarettes Set (T213)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T213 Coupon Cigarettes
Year 1910-19
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T213 Coupon Cigarettes Overview

T213 CouponProduced over ten years, the T213 Coupon set has three different series. Each one has a slightly different look. For that reason, many players over the sets are featured with different team names as they moved to different franchises during that 10-year period.

The cards were printed for Coupon Cigarettes brand, which was based in Louisiana. As was the case with other tobacco cards, these are believed to have been printed in New York and then sent to factories where they were inserted into cigarette packages. In Coupon’s case, these factories were located in Louisiana.

All fronts have a color portrait with images taken from the T206 set and the cards are often compared to that iconic release. But the ink used to print the name and team at the bottom is either in blue in brown.

Brown was used for Type 1 cards (matching T206) while blue was used for Types 2 and 3. Backs all have an advertisement for Coupon Cigarettes, but each one varies across the series. All three types of cards are much rarer than T206s.

Type 1 backs advertise the Base Ball Series, Type 2 has a 20 for five cents advertisement, and Type 3 has an ad that says 16 for ten cents.

In all, there are over 300 cards from the three series. More than 3,000 have been graded by SGC.

Finally, note there are slight size differences among the three times. Type 1 and Type 2 cards measure 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ while Type 3 cards measure a bit smaller at 1 3/8″ x 2 9/16″.

Type 1

Because of the same images and similar overall look to the T206 cards, some collectors feel as they could be classified as T206 issues. That case is usually made for the Type 1 issue (printed in 1910), which has the same font type and color on the fronts for the names and teams. A total of 68 cards are included in this type. In addition to the fronts that utilized the brown ink, the other way to determine Type 1 cards is that they have the word ‘Mild’ on the backs in between the Coupon and Cigarette words. Additionally, no price for the cigarettes is given on the backs of these cards.

Type 1 appears to be the rarest of the three Coupon series. It is also unique in that the card stock was much thinner than Type 2 and Type 3 – both of which utilized thicker stock that was more traditional of tobacco cards of the era. Type 1 cards, on the off chance they can be found, are often heavily damaged.

Here’s a breakdown of the argument for making them part of the T206 set.

Type 2

Type 2 was printed in 1914-16. While as many as 188 cards are listed in the set not nearly that many ‘truly’ different cards are in the set. The issue includes numerous print variations and most players include more than one variation. Some of the variations are different poses while others are team variations printed at the bottom.

Type 2 is the only one that has significant team variations as it was printed over three different years. The team variations reflect players changing teams.

While there seems to be a consensus on the number of cards within Type 1 and Type 3, the checklist of Type 2 is a little more confusing.

A total of 188 cards have been previously recognized as comprising the complete checklist. However, the set may realistically only have 185 cards. Three cards (Magee, Phila.; McQuillan, Phila.’; and Reulbach, Brooklyn Fed.) are widely believed to not exist. A discussion of these potentially missing cards is found here.

For the purposes of this site, I have used 185 as the true number of cards in the checklist.

Type 3

Printed in 1919, Type 3 was the final T213 Coupon issue. A total of either 69 or 70 cards were included in that release. 70 is often cited as the number of cards but there are conflicting reports about that. PSA’s set composition page, for example, considers the set complete at 69 and doesn’t reference a Rube Marquard portrait card as other checklists do.

For the purposes of this site, I have used 69 as the correct number.

Type 3B?

A fourth type of Coupon cards actually exists, although only three classifications are recognized.

These cards utilize the same design as Type 3 with the same back advertisements. The lone difference is that, like some T206 cards, the factory number indicating where the cards were printed at the bottom of the backs has an overprinted rectangle over top of it with a new factory number printed above it. This was done to indicate a change in where the cards were printed.

The regular Type 3 cards state that they were printed out of Factory 3. However, cards with the overprint have this modified to Factory 8. But while this is technically a fourth type of back, it is not recognized as a completely separate type as the cards are otherwise identical to the Type 3 cards.

The overprinted Type 3 cards are exceedingly rare and a complete checklist for them does not yet exist. But one can assume that all Type 3 cards were printed with the overprints. Those known to exist are checklisted below.

Here’s more on the fourth type of T213s.

T213 Coupon Cigarettes Checklist

Type 1

  1. Harry Bay
  2. Beals Becker
  3. Chief Bender
  4. Bill Bernhard
  5. Ted Breitenstein
  6. Bobby Byrne
  7. Billy Campbell
  8. Scoops Carey
  9. Frank Chance
  10. Chappy Charles
  11. Hal Chase (fielding)
  12. Hal Chase (portrait)
  13. Ty Cobb
  14. Bill Cranston
  15. Birdie Cree
  16. Bill Donovan
  17. Mickey Doolan
  18. Jean Dubuc
  19. Joe Dunn
  20. Roy Ellam
  21. Clyde Engle
  22. Johnny Evers
  23. Art Feltcher
  24. Charlie Fritz
  25. Ed Greminger
  26. Bill Hart
  27. Jimmy Hart
  28. Topsy Harsel
  29. Gordon Hickman
  30. Danny Hoffman
  31. Harry Howell
  32. Miller Huggins (hands up)
  33. Miller Huggins (portrait)
  34. George Hunter
  35. Dutch Jordan
  36. Ed Killian
  37. Otto Knabe
  38. Frank LaPorte
  39. Ed Lennox
  40. Harry Lentz
  41. Rube Marquard
  42. Doc Marshall
  43. Christy Mathewson
  44. George McBride
  45. Pryor McElveen
  46. Matty McIntyre
  47. Mike Mitchell
  48. Carlton Molesworth
  49. Mike Mowrey
  50. Chief Myers (batting)
  51. Chief Myers (fielding)
  52. Dode Paskert
  53. Hub Perdue
  54. Arch Persons
  55. Ed Reagan
  56. Bob Rhoades
  57. Ike Rockenfield
  58. Claude Rossman
  59. Boss Schmidt
  60. Sid Smith
  61. Charlie Starr
  62. Gabby Street
  63. Ed Summers
  64. Jeff Sweeney
  65. Ira Thomas
  66. Woodie Thornton
  67. Ed Willett
  68. Owen Wilson

Type 2

  1. Red Ames
  2. Red Ames
  3. Home Run Baker
  4. Home Run Baker
  5. Home Run Baker
  6. Cy Barger
  7. Chief Bender (no trees)
  8. Chief Bender (no trees)
  9. Chief Bender (no trees)
  10. Chief Bender (trees)
  11. Chief Bender (trees)
  12. Chief Bender (trees)
  13. Bill Bradley
  14. Roger Bresnahan
  15. Roger Bresnahan
  16. Al Bridwell
  17. Al Bridwell
  18. Mordecai Brown
  19. Mordecai Brown
  20. Bobby Byrne
  21. Howie Camnitz (arms down)
  22. Howie Camnitz (arms up)
  23. Howie Camnitz (arms up)
  24. Billy Campbell
  25. Frank Chance (batting)
  26. Frank Chance (batting)
  27. Frank Chance (portrait)
  28. Frank Chance (portrait)
  29. Bill Chapelle
  30. Larry Chapelle
  31. Hal Chase (fielding)
  32. Hal Chase (fielding)
  33. Hal Chase (portrait)
  34. Hal Chase (portrait)
  35. Hal Chase (trophy)
  36. Hal Chase (trophy)
  37. Ty Cobb (portrait)
  38. Ty Cobb (bat)
  39. Eddie Collins
  40. Eddie Collins
  41. Eddie Collins
  42. Doc Crandall
  43. Doc Crandall
  44. Sam Crawford
  45. Birdie Cree
  46. Harry Davis
  47. Harry Davis
  48. Ray Demmitt
  49. Ray Demmitt
  50. Josh Devore
  51. Josh Devore
  52. Mike Donlin
  53. Mike Donlin
  54. Bill Donovan
  55. Mickey Doolan (batting)
  56. Mickey Doolan (batting)
  57. Mickey Doolan (fielding)
  58. Mickey Doolan (fielding)
  59. Tom Downey
  60. Larry Doyle (batting)
  61. Larry Doyle (portrait)
  62. Jean Dubuc
  63. Jack Dunn
  64. Kid Elberfeld
  65. Kid Elberfeld
  66. Steve Evans
  67. Johnny Evers
  68. Russ Ford
  69. Art Fromme
  70. Chick Gandil
  71. Chick Gandil
  72. Rube Geyer
  73. Clark Griffith
  74. Bob Groom
  75. Buck Herzog
  76. Buck Herzog
  77. Dick Hoblitzell
  78. Dick Hoblitzell
  79. Dick Hoblitzell
  80. Solly Hofman
  81. Solly Hofmann (misspelled)
  82. Miller Huggins (hands up)
  83. Miller Huggins (portrait)
  84. John Hummel
  85. John Hummel
  86. Hughie Jennings (one hand)
  87. Hughie Jennings (two hands)
  88. Walter Johnson
  89. Tim Jordan
  90. Tim Jordan
  91. Joe Kelley
  92. Joe Kelley
  93. Otto Knable
  94. Ed Konetchy
  95. Ed Konetchy
  96. Ed Konetchy
  97. Harry Krause
  98. Nap Lajoie
  99. Nap Lajoie
  100. Nap Lajoie
  101. Tommy Leach
  102. Tommy Leach
  103. Tommy Leach
  104. Ed Lennox
  105. Sherry Magee
  106. Sherry Magee
  107. Rube Marquard (portrait)
  108. Rube Marquard (portrait)
  109. Rube Marquard (throwing)
  110. Rube Marquard (throwing)
  111. Christy Mathewson
  112. John McGraw (glove)
  113. John McGraw (portrait)
  114. Larry McLean
  115. George McQuillan
  116. George McQuillan
  117. Fred Merkle
  118. Chief Meyers (fielding)
  119. Chief Meyers (fielding
  120. Chief Meyers (portrait)
  121. Chief Meyers (portrait)
  122. Dots Miller
  123. Mike Mitchell
  124. Mike Mowrey
  125. Mike Mowrey
  126. Mike Mowrey
  127. George Mullin
  128. George Mullin
  129. Danny Murphy
  130. Red Murray
  131. Red Murray
  132. Red Murray
  133. Tom Needham
  134. Rebel Oakes
  135. Rube Oldring
  136. Rube Oldring
  137. Dode Paskert
  138. Dode Paskert
  139. Billy Purtell
  140. Jack Quinn
  141. Jack Quinn
  142. Ed Reulbach
  143. Ed Reulbach
  144. Nap Rucker
  145. Nap Rucker
  146. Dick Rudolph
  147. Germany Schaefer
  148. Germany Schaefer
  149. Germany Schaefer
  150. George Schlei (batting)
  151. George Schlei (portrait)
  152. Boss Schmdit
  153. Wildfire Schulte
  154. Frank Smith
  155. Tris Speaker
  156. George Stovall
  157. Gabby Street (catching)
  158. Gabby Street (portrait)
  159. Ed Summers
  160. Bill Sweeney
  161. Bill Sweeney
  162. Jeff Sweeney
  163. Jeff Sweeney
  164. Ira Thomas
  165. Ira Thomas
  166. Joe Tinker
  167. Joe Tinker
  168. Joe Tinker
  169. Joe Tinker
  170. Heinie Wagner
  171. Jack Warhop
  172. Jack Warhop
  173. Zack Wheat
  174. Zack Wheat
  175. Kaiser Wilhelm
  176. Ed Willett
  177. Ed Willett
  178. Owen Wilson
  179. Hooks Wiltse (throwing)
  180. Hooks Wiltse (throwing)
  181. Hooks Wiltse (throwing)
  182. Hooks Wiltse (portrait)
  183. Hooks Wiltse (portrait)
  184. Hooks Wiltse (portrait)
  185. Heinie Zimmerman

Type 3

Note that it is not known how many of these have been found with the overprinted back and new factory number

  1. Red Ames
  2. Home Run Baker
  3. Chief Bender (no trees)
  4. Chief Bender (trees)
  5. Roger Bresnahan
  6. Al Bridwell
  7. Miner Brown
  8. Bobby Byrne
  9. Frank Chance (batting)
  10. Frank Chance (portrait)
  11. Hal Chase (fielding)
  12. Hal Chase (portrait)
  13. Hal Chase (trophy)
  14. Ty Cobb (batting)
  15. Ty Cobb (portrait)
  16. Eddie Collins
  17. Sam Crawford
  18. Harry Davis
  19. Mike Donlin
  20. Bill Donovan
  21. Mickey Doolan (batting)
  22. Mickey Doolan (fielding)
  23. Larry Doyle (batting)
  24. Larry Doyle (portrait)
  25. Jean Dubuc
  26. Jack Dunn
  27. Kid Elberfeld
  28. Johnny Evers
  29. Chick Gandil
  30. Clark Griffith
  31. Buck Herzog
  32. Dick Hoblitzell
  33. Miller Huggins (hands up)
  34. Miller Huggins (portrait)
  35. John Hummel
  36. Hughie Jennings (one hand)
  37. Hughie Jennings (two hands)
  38. Walter Johnson
  39. Tim Jordan
  40. Joe Kelley
  41. Ed Konetchy
  42. Nap Lajoie
  43. Sherry Magee
  44. Rube Marquard
  45. Christy Mathewson
  46. John McGraw (glove)
  47. John McGraw (portrait)
  48. George McQuillan
  49. Fred Merkle
  50. Dots Miller
  51. Mike Mowrey
  52. Chief Myers
  53. Chief Myers
  54. Dode Paskert
  55. Jack Quinn
  56. Ed Reulbach
  57. Nap Rucker
  58. Dick Rudolph
  59. Herman Schaefer
  60. Wildfire Schulte
  61. Tris Speaker
  62. Gabby Street (catching)
  63. Gabby Street (portrait)
  64. Jeff Sweeney
  65. Ira Thomas
  66. Joe Tinker
  67. Zack Wheat
  68. George Wiltse
  69. Heinie Zimmerman

Type 3 with Overprint

Note that it is not known how many of these have been found with the overprinted back and new factory number. Below are the known checklisted cards. While not many have been seen, one can theorize that all of the Type 3 cards were printed with the overprint backs.

  1. Chief Bender (no trees)
  2. Hal Chase (fielding)
  3. Hal Chase (portrait)
  4. Ty Cobb (batting)
  5. Ty Cobb (portrait)
  6. Eddie Collins
  7. Mike Donlin
  8. Mickey Doolan (fielding)
  9. Larry Doyle
  10. Jean Dubuc
  11. Dick Hoblitzell
  12. Miller Huggins
  13. Hughie Jennings
  14. Walter Johnson
  15. Rube Marquard
  16. John McGraw (portrait)
  17. Fred Merkle
  18. Zack Wheat

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