1896 N301 Mayo Die Cut Baseball Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title N301 Mayo Die-Cut
Year 1896
Size Various
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

N301 Mayo Die-Cut Overview

N301 NY Runner.jpg

Mayo produced a die-cut set of baseball ‘cards’ in 1896 as part of a game. The cards are generic in nature and do not depict actual individual players.

Instead, the cards depict general players from specific teams (Boston and New York) or specific roles (i.e. batters, runners, etc.). The backs of the cards give information about the specific game and state the following:

“Use Mayo’s Cut Plug for smoking and chewing and get a baseball game consisting of a Base, Grandstand, Teetotum, and 28 players. One player packed in every 2 oz. package of Mayo’s Plug and Cut Plug. Ask your dealer for a Base, Grand-Stand, and Teetotum, as they are furnished FREE. If he has none, write to P.H. Mayo & Brothers, Inc., Richmond, VA.”

N301 Mayo Die-Cut Checklist

As stated in the description on the backs, there are 28 cards available in the set. Those include:

  1. Batter (New York)
  2. Pitcher (New York)
  3. Catcher (New York)
  4. 1st Baseman (New York)
  5. 2nd Baseman (New York)
  6. Shortstop (New York)
  7. 3rd Baseman (New York)
  8. Left fielder (New York)
  9. Center fielder (New York)
  10. Right fielder (New York)
  11. Batter (Boston)
  12. Pitcher (Boston)
  13. Catcher (Boston)
  14. 1st Baseman (Boston)
  15. 2nd Baseman (Boston)
  16. Shortstop (Boston)
  17. 3rd Baseman (Boston)
  18. Left fielder (Boston)
  19. Center fielder (Boston)
  20. Right fielder (Boston)
  21. Runner (New York)
  22. Runner (New York)
  23. Runner (New York)
  24. Runner (Boston)
  25. Runner (Boston)
  26. Runner (Boston)
  27. Umpire
  28. Umpire

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