1923 Winchester Display and Showcase Cards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Winchester Display and Showcase Cards
Year 1923
Size Various
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set

1923 Winchester Display and Showcase Cards Overview

1923 Winchester Display and Showcase CardsIn 1923, a brief one-week promotion led to a rare set of trading cards.

Winchester produced various sporting goods equipment and distributed a set of cards from November 8th through the 14th in 1923. The cards were essentially trade cards and advertised their products.

One series (issued as No. 9 in the set) featured two basketball cards. A larger card featured an unknown player with the slogan, “Your team will play a fast snappy game with Winchester basketball equipment.” A second smaller card simply featured a picture of a basket and a ball with the slogan, “Wincheter basketball will stand the test of time.”

Because the cards were meant to be displayed, Winchester also created a special frame for them, as shown in the picture here.

The cards from the series are extremely rare and difficult to find. That is partially due to the fact that they are nearly 100 years old. The bigger determining factor, however, is because they were only distributed over a very short period of time.

1923 Winchester Display and Showcase Cards Checklist

The basketball cards in the set are No. 9. However, a complete checklist is not known.

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