1916 Tango Eggs Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Tango Eggs
Year 1916
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Food
Number in Set

1916 Tango Eggs Overview

Tango Eggs Back16TE Chase.jpgDespite having only about 20 cards, the 1916 Tango Eggs set is notoriously difficult as the cards are very rare. The set features a collection of baseball players, including greats such as Ty Cobb.

Images for the cards are from other issues. Many players’ Tango Eggs cards are the same as their E90-1 American Caramel cards (i.e. Roger Bresnahan, Rebel Oakes, etc.). Further, some of the images do not even depict that player.

Backs include an advertisement for Tango brand eggs, packed by L. Frank and Company in New Orleans, Louisiana. The text reads:

“Ask your grocer for ‘Tango Brand Eggs’
Every one guaranteed to be of ‘Finest Quality’
Packed only by L. Frank & Company
New Orleans, LA

The cards went relatively unknown to most collectors until the 1990s when nearly 800 of them were found all at once. New discoveries are quite possible as well. That linked PSA article, for example, cites a second Ty Cobb card that exists.

While rare, collectors should avoid paying inflated prices for mid-grade and high-grade cards. Many that have been found were found in better condition than you might expect for cards more than 100 years old. Those cards are, of course, valuable. But they have a higher-than-average ratio of high-grade cards as opposed to most other pre-war sets. One theory is that, while authentic, many were never actually distributed and did not make their way into the public.

1916 Tango Eggs Checklist

With new cards still being discovered, a complete Tango Eggs checklist is not yet confirmed. However, the PSA Registry has 20 cards listed and that was prior to a discovery of the Eddie Plank card.

  1. Bob Bescher
  2. Roger Bresnahan
  3. Al Bridwell
  4. Hal Chase
  5. Ty Cobb
  6. Eddie Collins
  7. Sam Crawford
  8. Red Dooin
  9. Johnny Evers
  10. Happy Felsch
  11. Hughie Jennings
  12. George McQuillan
  13. Billy Meyer
  14. Ray Morgan
  15. Danny Murphy
  16. Eddie Plank
  17. Germany Schaefer
  18. Joe Tinker
  19. Honus Wagner
  20. Buck Weaver
  21. Heinie Zimmerman

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