A look at the E91-A, E91-B, E91-C American Caramel Sets

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E91-A, E91-B, and E91-C American Caramel
Year 1908-10
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

E91 American Caramel Overview

e91s-copy-2Similar to the E90-designated sets, Jefferson Burdick identified three separate E91 American Caramel issues. They are known to collectors as E91-A, E91-B, and E91-C.

Each set includes a total of 33 cards and contains only players from certain teams. Unlike the E90 sets, there aren’t any heavy hitters here on the price scale of the Joe Jackson card. And unlike other candy and tobacco cards, there aren’t any horizontal cards here, either.

The three sets are tied to specific teams. Both the E91-A and E91-B sets feature players from Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. The E91-C release focused on players from Boston, Pittsburgh, and Washington.

Card fronts featured colored pictures of the players, though they were generic images and often didn’t look like the actual player identified on the card. In fact, the American Card Catalog calls this, in part, a ‘Faked Design’ set. The images are generic as evidenced by the fact that collectors will find the same player images used for more than one player. Backs were helpful in that they identified a player checklist for the set.

All three sets have stars and Hall of Famers. Both the E91-A and E91-B sets are anchored by Christy Mathewson and Eddie Plank. The E91-C set is arguably the most star-studded with Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, Smoky Joe Wood, and Tris Speaker, along with some other Hall of Famers as well.

The set includes several spelling errors on names. The most famous/egregious was Mathewson’s, spelled “Christy Matthewson” on his cards (although, that spelling error was made on many of his cards in other sets).

The cards are noticeably thinner than the E90 issues. They also are a little hard to find, making it a challenging set to put together.

E91 American Caramel Checklist

Below is a complete checklist for all three sets. Cards are listed in the order they appear on the checklist.


  1. Ralph Seybold
  2. Rube Oldring
  3. Eddie Plank
  4. Dan Murphy
  5. Harry Davis
  6. Rube Waddell
  7. Fred Hartsel
  8. Jimmy Collins
  9. Simon Nichols
  10. Ossee Schreckengost
  11. Chief Bender
  12. Luther Taylor
  13. Fred Tenney
  14. Albert Bridwell
  15. John McGraw
  16. Christy Mathewson
  17. Iron Man McGinnity
  18. J.B. Seymour
  19. Daniel Shay
  20. Art Devlin
  21. Michael Donlin
  22. Roger Bresnahan
  23. Harry Steinfeldt
  24. Johnny Evers
  25. Mordecai Brown
  26. Frank Chance
  27. James Sheckard
  28. Joe Tinker
  29. Orval Overall
  30. Johnny Kling
  31. Ed Reulbach
  32. James Slagle
  33. Frank Schulte


  1. James Archer
  2. Mordecai Brown
  3. Ed Reulbach
  4. Orval Overall
  5. Frank Chance
  6. Johnny Evers
  7. Joe Tinker
  8. Harry Steinfeldt
  9. James Sheckard
  10. Frank Schulte
  11. Art Hoffman
  12. Dan Murphy
  13. Bob Ganley
  14. Eddie Plank
  15. Eddie Collins
  16. Harry Davis
  17. Harry Krause
  18. Fred Hartsell
  19. Home Run Baker
  20. John Barry
  21. Ira Thomas
  22. Chief Bender
  23. J.T. Meyers
  24. Christy Mathewson
  25. John McGraw
  26. Rube Marquard
  27. Fred Tenney
  28. Larry Doyle
  29. Albert Bridwell
  30. Art Devlin
  31. Jno Murray
  32. Michael Donlin
  33. J.B. Seymour


  1. George Gibson
  2. Vic Willis
  3. Sam Leever
  4. Charles Phillipi
  5. Allen Storke
  6. J.B. Miller
  7. Jap Barbeau
  8. Fred Clarke
  9. Tommy Leach
  10. Owen Wilson
  11. Honus Wagner
  12. Charles Street
  13. Tom Hughes
  14. Bob Groom
  15. Walter Johnson
  16. Jon Donohue
  17. James Delehanty
  18. Wid Conroy
  19. George McBride
  20. George Browne
  21. Clyde Milan
  22. Bob Unglaub
  23. P. Donohue
  24. Ed Karger
  25. Bob Check
  26. Smoky Joe Wood
  27. Jake Stahl
  28. Ambrose McConnell
  29. Harry Lord
  30. Harry Hooper
  31. Tris Speaker
  32. Harry Niles
  33. C. Wagner

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