Three Cannuck Advertising Hockey Game Cards Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title Three Cannuck Advertising Hockey Game Cards
Year Unknown
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Color
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

Three Cannuck Advertising Hockey Game Cards Overview

Three Canuck Advertising HockeyWhile baseball games were somewhat plentiful in the pre-war era, the same can’t be said for hockey.

The date on these cards aren’t exactly known but it appears to be a 1930s issue. This hockey game is the product of a company called Three Cannuck Advertising based in Toronto, Canada.

A total of 25 cards are in the game – a total of six cards are provided for each ‘team’. The cards feature a generic hockey player, whose image is used for all four teams. Each team has cards numbered 1-5 and also a letter (either A, B, C, or D). Backs of the cards have three vertical black stripes.

The game could be played two ways. It could be played by Trump following the suit (team uniforms) with the numbers on the uniforms corresponding to a certain number of goals. It could also be played without observing numbers on the cards and strictly by points using the numbers on the uniforms.

Cards were packaged in a simple box with a picture of the generic player used on the front. It was called simply “Hockey Game.”

Three Cannuck Advertising Hockey Game Cards Checklist

  1. Blue Uniform #1
  2. Blue Uniform #2
  3. Blue Uniform #3
  4. Blue Uniform #4
  5. Blue Uniform #5
  6. Blue Uniform A
  7. Orange Uniform #1
  8. Orange Uniform #2
  9. Orange Uniform #3
  10. Orange Uniform #4
  11. Orange Uniform #5
  12. Orange Uniform C
  13. ‘P’ Card (highest card in deck)
  14. White Uniform/Blue Shorts #1
  15. White Uniform/Blue Shorts #2
  16. White Uniform/Blue Shorts #3
  17. White Uniform/Blue Shorts #4
  18. White Uniform/Blue Shorts #5
  19. White Uniform/Blue Shorts B
  20. White Uniform/Orange Shorts #1
  21. White Uniform/Orange Shorts #2
  22. White Uniform/Orange Shorts #3
  23. White Uniform/Orange Shorts #4
  24. White Uniform/Orange Shorts #5
  25. White Uniform/Orange Shorts D

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