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Babe Ruth Card No. 100 in Topps’ Living Set

The Bambino featured in Topps’ Living Set as the hundredth card Most readers of this site know that there aren’t many post-war cards that I collect. And in the grand scheme of things, it’s difficult to even keep up with modern cards, let alone collect them. But the Topps Living set is one of the cooler projects out there, for

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When a Pre-War Collector Goes Rogue

Finding a pair of unique (and newer) cards For nearly five years now, I’ve been pretty much exclusively collecting pre-war cards. After a long hiatus, I got back into the hobby around ten years ago. I picked up with collecting almost all vintage stuff from the 1950s and quickly went older after that. I dove into the 1951 Bowman set

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Modern Baseball Card Ramblings of a Pre-War Collector: Licensing Exclusivity has its Pros, Cons

Licensing exclusivity in the world of baseball cards is again a hot topic Over the weekend, an interesting rumor broke from Wax Heaven, a popular baseball card blog. That site reports that Topps has struck an extension for its exclusive deal with Major League Baseball to continue to be the sole producer of its baseball cards beyond 2020 (the year the

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