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What are the Toughest T207 Recruit Commons?

The Broadleaf and Cycle cards aren’t the only tough ones in the T207 set

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Variations in T207 Set Add to its Intrigue

T207 variations expand the master set checklist The T207 brown background set is personally a favorite of mine. It’s not popular among some collectors because of the drab look but that’s actually what those of us that appreciate it enjoy about it. That, the hints of colors, and the dark chocolate brown backgrounds give it a wildly distinctive flavor, particularly

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What’s the deal with Mike Donlin and rarity?

Several cards of the underappreciated pre-war player are considered rarities Mike Donlin is a name that most modern collectors probably aren’t familiar with. But if you collect pre-war cards, you’ve likely come across it. That’s particularly true if you happen to be a set collector. Despite being in relative obscurity these days, Donlin was not a common player. His cards

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Breaking into Pre-War Collecting: Tobacco Cards

Been a little while since I wrote one of my ‘Breaking into Pre-War Collecting’ articles. If you missed the first two, I first covered game cards and then strip cards. Today, I wanted to tackle arguably the most popular of all pre-war cards: tobacco cards. What Are Tobacco Cards? Tobacco cards, quite simply, are what they sound like. These are

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T207 Brown Background Set

‘It’s In The Details’ Title T207 Brown Background Year 1912 Size 1 7/16″ x 2 5/8″ Images Color Type Tobacco Number in Set 200 (207 including error variations) T207 Brown Background Overview While the American Tobacco Company’s (ATC) earlier releases, the T205 set and the T206 set are much more popular with collectors, their final issue is much tougher to find.

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