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Editor’s Notes (May 2020)

Here’s a look at the happenings on the Pre-War Cards site in the last month

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Breaking into Pre-War Collecting: Tobacco Cards

Been a little while since I wrote one of my ‘Breaking into Pre-War Collecting’ articles. If you missed the first two, I first covered game cards and then strip cards. Today, I wanted to tackle arguably the most popular of all pre-war cards: tobacco cards. What Are Tobacco Cards? Tobacco cards, quite simply, are what they sound like. These are

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1887 Buchner Gold Coin Card Set (N284)

‘It’s In The Details’ Title N284 Buchner Gold Coin Year 1887 Size 1 3/4″ x 3″ Images Color Type 19th Century Tobacco Number in Set 143 N284 Buchner Gold Coin Overview When collectors think of the earliest major baseball card sets, the first set that often comes to mind is the N172 Old Judge set. But also printed around the same time

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