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1934 Goudey Jimmie Foxx is One Poor Card

The 1934 Goudey set had a tough act to follow. After Goudey’s legendary 1933 issue, the company was back for more in 1934 hoping to produce another gem. Genius, as it turns out, is hard to duplicate. The 1934 set was nice, don’t get me wrong. The cards are colorful and the square-like cut was a great 1930s innovation in

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1930s Hood Shoes Jimmie Foxx Blotter

‘It’s In The Details’ Title Hood Shoes Jimmie Foxx Blotter Year 1930s Size 3″ x 6″ Images Black and White Type Miscellaneous Cards Number in Set  1 1930s Hood Shoes Jimmie Foxx Overview Ink blotters were generally rectangular cards that were popular in the days of fountain pens. They would usually be kept on desks and were used to allow

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