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Ultra Rare Horizontal-Backed W514 Mother’s Bread Strip Card in Goldin Auction

Rare Sisler W514 Mother’s Bread Card up for Grabs The W514 Mothers’ Bread cards are rare variations from the standard W514 strip card set. Produced from 1919-21 or thereabouts, these cards were just like regular W514 cards but with a twist on the back. Instead of the standard blank backs found on 99% of the other W514 cards, these have

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W514 Mother’s Bread/Besta Cake Set

‘It’s In The Details’ Title W514 Mother’s Bread/Besta Cake Year 1919-21 Size Varies by Cut Images Color Type Bakery/Strip Number in Set 120 W514 Mother’s Bread and Besta Cake Strip Overview The W514 strip card set is one of the more significant such issues. It includes almost all of the banned members of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox team, including would-be

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