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What Happened to the 12 Minor Leaguers in the T205 Set?

There are lots of reasons to love the T205 set, one of the most collected pre-war issues around. For one thing, they’re significantly rarer than the massive (but more popular) T206 set. For another, they’ve got great pictures, a terrific checklist of players, and piecing together a set isn’t impossible. One of the lesser discussed parts of the set, though,

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A Look at the 24 Known Errors in the T205 Set

The 1911 T205 set is one of the most popular pre-war issues around. And the fact that it’s less than half the size of the monstrous T206 issue makes it more attainable for collectors. T205 has 208 base cards in its standard set. That’s the number required to be considered complete. But while that number includes several pose variations, it

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Breaking into Pre-War Collecting: Tobacco Cards

Been a little while since I wrote one of my ‘Breaking into Pre-War Collecting’ articles. If you missed the first two, I first covered game cards and then strip cards. Today, I wanted to tackle arguably the most popular of all pre-war cards: tobacco cards. What Are Tobacco Cards? Tobacco cards, quite simply, are what they sound like. These are

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T205 Gold Border Set A Masterpiece

‘It’s In The Details’ Title T205 Gold Border Year 1911 Size 1 7/16″ x 2 5/8″ Images Color Type Tobacco Number in Set 208 (221 for recognized master set) (232 with known errors but likely more) T205 Gold Border Overview While the T206 set is a fantastic issue in its own right and the most popular pre-war card set, the

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