1938 Our National Game Issue One Of Last Pre-War Pin Sets

‘It’s In The Details’

Title PM8 Our National Game Pins
Year 1938
Size 7/8″
Images Blue Ink
Type Pins
Number in Set

1938 Our National Game Pins Overview


Printed in 1938, the PM8 Our National Game pin set is one of the final pin issues of the pre-war era. The set includes only a total of 30 baseball pins but it’s a power-packed set full of stars of the day. Keys to the set include Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig but more than half of the set is made up of players in the Hall of Fame.

Not only is the complete set a small one, but the pins themselves are tiny, too. Measuring at only 7/8″ in diameter, it can be easy to miss these on dealer tables, etc. Player images are printed in blue ink against a plain, off-white colored background. Backs are completely blank.

The back doesn’t include a traditional ‘pin’. Instead, a small tab with a point at the end folds back from the edge.

These pins are among the cheaper 1930s collectibles. Lower-grade pins from the set are often easy to find for $10 or even less. Even many of the stars and Hall of Famers in the set are not much more.

Cardboard Backing

1938 Our National Game Pin Lou GehrigThe pins originally came attached to a cardboard backing sheet. While some of these are still around today, you’ll most often find the pins without them. The pins are often sold as a standalone issue without this original packaging, though the backings generally only add a small amount to the value when present.

The cardboard backing is rectangular in size and has a bit of a U.S.A. theme. The most important note is that the backings do not have player names on them. Thus, they can be used interchangeably with all of the pins in the set.

The red, white, and blue cardboard backing stated “Our National Game” at the top and “A Baseball Hero” at the bottom. Pins that come with the original cardboard back usually sell for a premium, though it usually only adds a few dollars. While the backs are not overly common, they are relatively easy to find.

1938 Our National Game Pins Checklist

Below is a complete checklist of the set. The pins are unnumbered but are listed here in alphabetical order. You can see pictures of all of the pins here.

  1. Wally Berger
  2. Lou Chiozza
  3. Joe Cronin
  4. Frank Crosetti
  5. Dizzy Dean
  6. Frank Demaree
  7. Joe DiMaggio
  8. Bob Feller
  9. Jimmie Foxx
  10. Lou Gehrig
  11. Charlie Gehringer
  12. Lefty Gomez
  13. Hank Greenberg
  14. Bump Hadley
  15. Gabby Hartnett
  16. Carl Hubbell
  17. Buddy Lewis
  18. Gus Mancuso
  19. Joe McCarthy
  20. Joe Medwick
  21. Joe Moore
  22. Mel Ott
  23. Jake Powell
  24. Jimmy Ripple
  25. Red Ruffing
  26. Hal Schumacher
  27. George Selkirk
  28. Al Simmons
  29. Bill Terry
  30. Hal Trosky

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