New Discovery in H804-41 Girl Series Trade Card Set

Been finding several new cataloged trade cards recently. A little over a year ago, I found that at least some of the popular ‘An Accurate Barometer’ trade cards (H804-38) were used as inserts by a coffee manufacturer in Pennsylvania. A few months back, I found a variation of the images used in the H804-34 Pink and Blue Series trade cards. And just a few weeks ago, I discovered a previously unchecklisted card in that same Pink and Blue Series set.

On eBay, I recently noticed another previously unchecklisted card in the H804-41 Girl Series trade cards.

About the H804-41 Girl Series Trade Cards

The H804-41 Girl Series trade cards set features women baseball players in a variety of poses. The women are not actual players and the pictures in the set will be familiar to experienced pre-war collectors that focus on early women’s baseball issues.

Pictures are similar to, or possibly even the same as, the N48 Virginia Brights Polka Dots cards as well as Virginia Brights’ Crop of 1884 Polka Dot Nine cabinet cards. Like those issues, these trade cards feature women with various polka dot baseball apparel.

Previously, collector Frank Keetz cataloged only two cards in this set. Those cards were titled, ‘A Home Run’ and ‘Out on the Fly.’ But as he stated, more may be known and I recently found a third one.

New Discovery

H804-41 New Find - Uncatalogued Out on First.jpgA third card recently popped up for sale on eBay. It sold for a beyond healthy price of nearly $300. The cards are barely seen as it is and it is possible that bidders on the card realized its importance in that it was not previously checklisted.

The new card is titled ‘Out on First’ and features a fielder with a polka dot bib, holding a ball. Because of the title, she is presumably the first baseman. She has a hand up with a runner on the base.

The card, like the others in the series, has a white border as well as the black and white picture inside of the four-sided shape with a curved top edge.

More to Come

With the discover of this card, it obviously begs the question of if there are more to be found. I’d take it a step further than Keetz and say, most assuredly.

Here’s why.

The pictures were used on other popular Virginia Brights series’ that featured more cards. Specifically, each of the other two sets I mentioned have nine cards. While certainly possible, it makes little sense for this set to be produced with only three cards.

And, of course, these cards are exceedingly rare. It is quite possible that with the issue so scarce that more cards are just sort of waiting to be discovered. I’d bet on a series of at least nine cards in this set but, even if there aren’t that many, chances are good that it includes more than the three we currently know of.

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