1910 Red Sun Pugilistic Subjects Set and Checklist (T226)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Red Sun Pugilistic Subjects (T226)
Year 1910
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1910 Red Sun Pugilistic Subjects Set Overview

T226 Red Sun Jack Johnson BoxingThe Red Sun cards are one of the rarest and most distinctive tobacco cards around.

They are easy to spot a mile away with unique olive green borders and a bright red ink advertisement on the back. The cards have black and white images and, combined with those green borders, they have a rather drab appearance that is drastically countered with the red advertisement on the back. Red Sun also created a baseball set with the same design, cataloged as T211.

While they are easy to distinguish from other tobacco cards that mostly had white borders, they are certainly not easy to find. Red Sun cards were not widely distributed and, as a result, not many were printed.

The set is headlined by many big names, including the legendary Jack Johnson.

Like the baseball cards, the boxing Red Sun cards are quite rare. Even commons in decent shape usually cost more than $100.

1910 Red Sun Pugilistic Subjects Set Checklist

  1. Abe Attell
  2. Matty Baldwin
  3. Patsy Brannigan
  4. Knockout Brown
  5. Sailor Burke
  6. Young Corbett
  7. Johnny Coulon
  8. Leach Cross
  9. Young Donahoe
  10. Jem Driscoll
  11. Mickey Gannon
  12. Joe Gans
  13. Jimmie Gardner
  14. Jack Goodman
  15. Charlie Griffin
  16. Grover Hayes
  17. Dick Hyland
  18. Joe Jeannette
  19. Jim Jeffries
  20. Jack Johnson
  21. Al Kaufman
  22. Stanley Ketchel
  23. Bert Keyes
  24. Sam Langford
  25. Harry Lewis
  26. Willie Lewis
  27. Young Loughrey
  28. Johnny Marto
  29. Phillip McGovern
  30. Honey Mellody
  31. Owen Moran
  32. Tommy Murphy
  33. Battling Nelson
  34. Dick Nelson
  35. Young Nitchie
  36. Jack O’Brien
  37. Tommy O’Keefe
  38. Bill Papke
  39. Unk Russell
  40. Jim Stewart
  41. Harry Stone
  42. Tommy Sullivan
  43. Jack Sullivan
  44. Mike Sullivan
  45. Eddie Walsh
  46. Jimmy Walsh
  47. Bull West
  48. Kid Willette
  49. Johnny Willetts
  50. Ad Wolgast

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