Little Known About Rare 1934 Star Magazine / Fürth Chocolate Issue

1934 Star Magazine/Fürth Chocolate Overview


Little is known about a rare Star / Fürth Chocolate hockey issue and the fact that it is a Czechoslovakia product makes it even harder to discover here in the U.S.

These cards are black and white and were part of a multi-sport set of 100 cards. The fronts include an athlete’s image and a card number. The cards have either two or three types of language on them, including German. Sports in the set include hockey, tennis, and wrestling, among others.

First, it is hard to tell if these cards were issued with magazines or with chocolate products. The tops of the front reads loosely, in Czech, “Star – Magazine for Every Athlete.” The back, however, tells a different story. The backs have an advertisement for Fürth Chocolate Bon Bons. In addition, the backs also state there are 100 Czech Republic subjects in the album.

Finally, the backs give some clue how the album can be obtained. Roughly translated, it states that sending the whole set provides collectors with the album (including the full set) free of charge.

Because the checklist is not known, it is unclear if there are any NHL players in the set.

1934 Star Magazine/Fürth Chocolate Checklist

I’ve seen very few of these after looking extensively for them. I am not sure how much U.S. demand is for them, but they appear to be quite rare.

Any additional details on this issue would be greatly appreciated. I will attempt to keep a checklist below of cards seen to date.

49. Roderich Menzel (Tennis)
50. Josef Malecek (Tennis)
51. Ladislov Hecht (Tennis)
52. Josef Siba (Tennis)
53. Vlasta Burian (Tennis)
85. 1933 Czech Republic Hockey Team (Hockey)
99. Josef Urban (Wrestling)
Unknown Number: Alois Cetkovský (Hockey)

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