1912 Imperial Set (C46) Canada’s only Pre-War Tobacco Baseball Cards

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Imperial (C46)
Year 1912
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Sepia
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1912 Imperial (C46) Overview


Collectors might be inclined to focus only American issues when it comes to tobacco cards. But there are a fair share of international tobacco cards as well. Canada has one such pre-war product with its C46 Imperial release.

The 90-card set is often ignored. It features mostly minor league players and the cards aren’t as plentiful as other U.S. tobacco cards, such as the T205 or T206 sets. Really, the set has more of a look similar to the darker, more mysterious looking T207 issue. But collectors of the T206 set will recognize many of the names as they were subjects in that popular release as well. As Canada’s only pre-war tobacco baseball card issue, it’s worth a look.

The set has several things going for it. First, it has a somewhat unique design and some recognizable names. Plus, with a modest 90 cards, it’s not a bear to complete. The hardest part is finding all of the different cards, and some, certainly, are hard to find. Still, most are plentiful enough that it makes completing a set realistic.

The aesthetics of the set aren’t wildly popular, but they aren’t terrible, either. The cards are presented to depict a player on a plaque of sorts with a faux wood-grain background and a name plate at the bottom along with their portrait. Backs are helpful with a biography, something rare on tobacco cards in that era, as well as a card number.

The C46 set includes only last names – at least with the exception of only a few. For some reason, James Murray and Tony Smith are the only players in the set to have their first and last names printed on the front.

The set is significantly different from other American tobacco issues. Here’s a closer look at some of the differences.

1912 Imperial (C46) Key Cards

Also, while the players are from the International League, many went on to play in the majors. In addition, there are two Hall of Famers present in Joe Kelley and Iron Man McGinnity. McGinnity was a player-manager with Newark while Kelley was the manager of the Toronto team. Kelley’s card should not be confused with Jack Kelley, who was a player in Newark and also in the set. Adding to the confusion is that Joe Kelley’s card is an uncorrected error with his first name being spelled ‘Kelly’ on the front.

Finally, there’s Chick Gandil, the famous/infamous member of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox team. His cards are always a hit and this one is no exception.

Here’s a closer look at the set’s ‘Big Three.’

1912 Imperial (C46) Checklist

  1. Bill O’Hara
  2. Jim McGinley
  3. Frenchy LeClaire
  4. John White
  5. James Murray
  6. Joe Ward
  7. Whitey Alperman
  8. Natty Nattress
  9. Fred Sline
  10. Royal Rock
  11. Ray Demmitt
  12. Butcher Boy Schmidt
  13. Sam Frock
  14. Fred Burchell
  15. Jack Kelley
  16. Frank Barberich
  17. Frank Corridon
  18. Doc Adkins
  19. Jack Dunn
  20. James Walsh
  21. Charles Hanford
  22. Dick Rudolph
  23. Curt Elston
  24. Carl Silton
  25. Charlie French
  26. John Ganzel
  27. Joe Kelley (HOF)
  28. Benny Meyers
  29. George Schirm
  30. Billy Purtell
  31. Bud Sharpe
  32. Tony Smith
  33. John Lush
  34. Bill Collins
  35. John Phelan
  36. Edward Phelps
  37. Rube Vickers
  38. Cy Seymour
  39. Shadow Carroll
  40. Jake Gettman
  41. Dummy Taylor
  42. Walt Justis
  43. Robert Fisher
  44. Fred Parent
  45. Jimmy Dygert
  46. Johnnie Butler
  47. Fred Mitchell
  48. Heine Batch
  49. Michael Corcoran
  50. Edward Doescher
  51. George Wheeler
  52. Bumpus Jones
  53. Fred Truesdale
  54. Fred Beebe
  55. Louis Brockett
  56. Robert Wells
  57. Lew McAllister
  58. Ralph Stroud
  59. Doc Manser
  60. Ducky Holmes
  61. Rube Dessau
  62. Fred Jacklitsch
  63. Stan Graham
  64. Noah Henline
  65. Chick Gandil
  66. Tom Hughes
  67. Joe Delehanty
  68. George Pierce
  69. Gaunt
  70. Edward Fitzpatrick
  71. Wyatt Lee
  72. Rube Kissinger
  73. Bill Malarkey
  74. William Byers
  75. George Simmons
  76. Dan Moeller
  77. Iron Man McGinity (HOF)
  78. Jack Hardy
  79. Bob Holmes
  80. William Baxter
  81. Chet Spencer
  82. Bradley Kocher
  83. Al Shaw
  84. Joe Yeager
  85. Tony Carlo
  86. Bill Abstein
  87. Tim Jordan
  88. Dick Breen
  89. Tom McCarty
  90. Ed Curtis

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