1937 Godfrey Phillips Spot the Winner Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Godfrey Phillips Spot the Winner
Year 1937
Size 1 1/2 x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1937 Godfrey Phillips Spot the Winner Overview

1934 Godfrey Phillips Spot the Winner Back.jpgFred Perry 1934 Godfrey Phillips Spot the Winner Tennis.jpgThis set featured athletes in an interesting tobacco card set. Packaged with tobacco company Godfrey Phillips’ products, this set of 50 cards displayed athletes from a variety of sports, including tennis, cricket, and soccer, among others. Included in the set is tennis legends Fred Perry and H.W. Austin, as well as boxers Len Harvey, Jack Petersen, and Tommy Farr.

Cards included color pictures of athletes on the front along with their name and a card number. A circular logo asked collectors to turn the cards over and ‘Spot the Winner.’ The backs of the cards were unique in that a mock horse race was pictured, regardless of the athlete shown on the front. Several horses were pictured and the collector had to moisten an area on the card to determine which horse was the winner.

Today, the cards are somewhat rare and not easy to find. Prices on them are generally low, however, with commons selling for $1 or less.

I have seen this set sometimes offered as a 1934 issue. However, it appears to be from 1937.

A unique quirk in this set is that cards can be found with the backs printed right side up (in line with the front of the card) or upside down. While the upside down cards are a bit unique, they are not incredibly difficult to find.

1937 Godfrey Phillips Spot the Winner Checklist

  1. G. Richards
  2. Alex James
  3. H.W. Austin
  4. G.O. Allen
  5. Len Harvey
  6. J.E. Lovelock
  7. V. Huxley
  8. TBD
  9. S. Crooks
  10. W. Hammond
  11. Steve Donoghue
  12. Fred Perry
  13. J. Sirrett
  14. A. Young
  15. W. Voce
  16. C. R. A. Tuckey
  17. Lionel Von Pragg
  18. G. Nicoll
  19. Tom Griffiths
  20. R. Dick
  21. E.J. Rimmer
  22. R. W. V. Robins
  23. R. E. S. Wyatt
  24. Fred Fox
  25. D. McCulloch
  26. P. Worrall
  27. L. Ames
  28. Harry Wragg
  29. C. Bastin
  30. J. Sims
  31. Billy Lamont
  32. Ben Foord
  33. Cliff Richards
  34. Mark Hooper
  35. L.D. Fishlock
  36. J. Dines
  37. G.P. Hughes
  38. W.R. Dean
  39. J. Hardstaff
  40. S.G. Wooderson
  41. Jack Petersen
  42. C. Smirke
  43. S. Worthington
  44. E. Brooke
  45. M. Leyland
  46. F. Steele
  47. Tommy Farr
  48. T. Weston
  49. Jack Parker
  50. Hedley Verity

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