1944 New York Yankees Stamps Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title New York Yankees Stamps
Year 1944
Size 1 3/4″ x 2 3/8″
Images Color
Type Stamps
Number in Set

1944 New York Yankees Stamps Overview

1944 Yankees Stamps Bill DickeyThis rare set of stamps was a commemorative series to celebrate the 1943 New York Yankees team that won the World Series. That year, the Yankees defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in five games.

These stamps were created to be included inside of a special album. The album had a 1943 World Champions banner along with the Yankees name and a baseball. The album also identifies these as ‘poster stamps’ as they were different from traditional stamps.

The 30-stamp set was printed on a perforated sheet with each stamp including a color image of a player along with his name at the bottom in white ink against a red box.

The stamps were unnumbered but printed in alphabetical order (by the player’s last name) on those full sheets. The bottom of the sheet included the print, “New York Yankees” and “1943 World Champions.” It also included a 1944 copyright with the mention that it was approved by the National Poster Stamp Society as well as a note that the pictures were taken by George Dorrill with printing by the American Colortype Company. The copyright is important as many collectors assume this is a 1943 issue instead of being from 1944.

The set is not as star studded as other Yankees sets. It was produced in the middle of World War II and star Joe DiMaggio was away from the team fighting in the war, so he is not included in the set. But the release did still have some notables, including Hall of Famers Bill Dickey, Joe Gordon, Joe McCarthy (manager), and Earle Combs (coach). It should be mentioned that while Gordon missed the 1944 season (the year these stamps were printed) for military service, he did play on the 1943 team.

1944 New York Yankees Stamps Checklist

  1. Ernie Bonham
  2. Hank Borowy
  3. Marvin Breuer
  4. Tommy Byrne
  5. Spud Chandler
  6. Earle Combs
  7. Frank Crosetti
  8. Bill Dickey
  9. Atley Donald
  10. Nick Etten
  11. Art Fletcher
  12. Joe Gordon
  13. Oscar Grimes
  14. Rollie Hemsley
  15. Bill Johnson
  16. Chrlie Keller
  17. John Lindell
  18. Joe McCarthy
  19. Bud Metheny
  20. Johnny Murphy
  21. Pat O’Dougherty
  22. Marius Russo
  23. John Schulte
  24. Ken Sears
  25. Tuck Stainback
  26. George Stirnweiss
  27. Jim Turner
  28. Roy Weatherly
  29. Charley Wensloff
  30. Bill Zuber

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