1930 Amatller Chocolates Tennis Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Amatller Chocolates
Year 1930
Size 3″ x 4 1/4″
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel and Gum/Candy
Number in Set

1930 Amatller Chocolates Tennis Set Overview

Bill Tilden 1930 Amatller TennisThis international set featured tennis players from around the world, including many big names. They were produced by Amatller Chocolates, a Spanish company.

Cards in the set have colored pictures on the front. The Amatller Chocolates name is on the front in light blue ink as is the tennis player’s name. Of note is that the date is a bit unconfirmed. I have seen this set cited as a 1928, 1930, and 1930s issue.

Backs are in Spanish and were printed in blue ink. They have the Amatller Chocolates name (Chocolate Amatller) and include a brief description of the athlete pictured on the front. Of note is that this was one of several sport-specific sets created by Amatller. They should not really be considered as one large set as the numbering is all specific to the set for each sport. But as the design and layout is similar, they could all almost be considered as one massive issue.

Despite being an international issue, the cards aren’t too rare in the U.S. these days. They aren’t exactly plentiful but aren’t terribly difficult to find, either. The rarity is really interesting, given that other Amatller sets are much harder to find in the U.S., including a 1924 movie star set that featured football player Red Grange and a generic sports issue believed to be issued in the 1930s.

1930 Amatller Chocolates Tennis Set Checklist

To date, I have not been able to identify the full set of these cards.

  1. Lili Alvarez
  2. Manuel Alonso
  3. Eduardo Flaquer
  4. Francisco Sindreu
  5. Conde de Gomar
  6. Antonio Juanico
  7. Raimundo Morales
  8. Juan Andreu
  9. Rosa Torras
  10. Jose Alonzo
  11. Senora Pons
  12. Olano
  13. Maria Luisa Marnet
  14. Suzanne Lenglen
  15. Suzanne Lenglen
  16. Suzanne Lenglen
  17. Bill Tilden
  18. Helen Wills
  19. Henri Cochet
  20. Jean Borotra
  21. Rene Lacoste
  22. Molla Mallory
  23. James Anderson and William Johnston
  24. Vincent Richards

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