1936 Player and Sons Tennis Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Player and Sons Tennis
Year 1936
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1936 Player and Sons Tennis Overview

Helen Jacobs 1936 Players TennisFred Perry 1936 Player and Sons TennisThe 1936 Player and Sons Tennis set is one of the more common 1930s tennis tobacco issues. Cards were issued by John Player and Sons Tobacco company, an Imperial Tobacco Company firm.

The cards are distinctive with its bright white borders and full green background. Against the background are black ink cartoon images that complement a full color image of a specific player. The cartoons and the picture of the real player combined to showcase a particular tennis shot. Backs of the cards were split between providing information on the player as well as the shot that was demonstrated on the front.

The set is somewhat similar to others that provide instruction, such as the 1923 Sarony Tennis Strokes set or the 1930 Godfrey Phillips Lawn Tennis set, which offered instructional tips. But the set is better known for its individual pictures of players, such as Fred Perry, Helen Jacobs, and Betty Nuthall.

The cards have a semi-gloss on the front and back, and the backs had an adhesive, which allowed collectors to affix them into albums. That was their actual purpose as collectors were instructed to buy an album for one penny from their tobacco dealer.

1936 Player and Sons Tennis Checklist

  1. Joan Hartigan
  2. Fred Perry
  3. E. Fearnley–Whittingstall
  4. Wilmer Allison
  5. Nellie Adamson
  6. Mary Heeley
  7. M.R. King
  8. H. G. N. Lee
  9. Seniorita Lizana
  10. C.E. Malfroy
  11. Joan O’Meara
  12. M.C. Scriven
  13. Kathleen Stammers
  14. H.W. Austin
  15. Miss Braddock
  16. Jack Crawford
  17. R>m. Hardwick
  18. N.M. Lyle
  19. Miss Mathieu
  20. Miss Meulemeester
  21. Mrs. F.S. Moody
  22. Miss Outratova
  23. Mrs. J.B. Pittman
  24. D. Prenn
  25. Dorothy Round
  26. Francis Shields
  27. Mrs. Sperling
  28. G. Von Cramm
  29. G. De Stefani
  30. C.E. Hare
  31. G.P. Hughes
  32. Freda James
  33. A.M. Yorke
  34. Helen Jacobs
  35. V.G. Kirby
  36. J. Van Ryn
  37. J. Yamagishi
  38. Adrian Quist
  39. G. Lyttleton Rogers
  40. Jean Borotra
  41. H.C. Hopman
  42. D. Budge
  43. Mrs. Fabyan
  44. F. H. D. Wilde
  45. S.B. Wood
  46. R. Menzel
  47. Betty Nuthall
  48. C. R. D. Tuckey
  49. G. Mako
  50. V. McGrath

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