1933 Wheaties Seattle Indians Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wheaties Seattle Indians Postcards
Year 1933
Size 4″ x 5 9/16″
Images Black and White
Type Food/Postcards
Number in Set

1933 Wheaties Seattle Indians Postcards Overview

Wheaties is most famous for their panels that featured various athletes on the company’s cereal boxes. But they also produced numerous other sets and were involved particularly in minor league baseball, serving as a sponsor for various teams in different markets across the country.

Some of Wheaties’ most familiar minor league issues were their Radio Appreciation Day/Night team photographs. But they also produced a set of team postcards featuring players on the 1933 Seattle Indians team.

The postcards are black and white and include the player’s name and team along the bottom border.

Only five postcards are known from this set and it is unknown if they were even distributed to the public. In addition to the release for the Indians, a more well-known set was also produced for the Minneapolis Millers. The two sets have the same design and were produced in the same year.

1933 Wheaties Seattle Indians Postcards Checklist

Only five postcards are currently known from this set but others may exist.

  1. George Burns
  2. Joe Coscarart
  3. Leo Lassen
  4. Bill Ladonitis
  5. Junk Walters

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