1933 Wheaties Minneapolis Millers Postcards Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wheaties Minneapolis Millers Postcards
Year 1933
Size 4″ x 5 9/16″
Images Black and White
Type Food/Postcards
Number in Set

1933 Wheaties Minneapolis Millers Postcards Overview

1933 Wheaties Millers Postcard Dave Bancroft.pngWheaties is most famous for their panels that featured various athletes on the company’s cereal boxes. But they also produced numerous other sets and were involved particularly in minor league baseball, serving as a sponsor for various teams in different markets across the country.

Some of Wheaties’ most familiar minor league issues were their Radio Appreciation Day/Night team photographs. But they also produced a set of team postcards featuring players on the 1933 Minneapolis Millers team.

The postcards are black and white and include the player’s name and team along the bottom border. The backs included a picture of a Wheaties box as well as a special message from Wheaties wishing success to the Millers and their President, Mike Kelly. The two keys to the set are Hall of Famer Dave Bancroft and former major leaguer Joe Hauser, who was also a legendary minor league home run hitter.

Of note is that a purple ‘VOID’ stamp is found on many of the postcards. The reason for that is unknown.

In addition to the Millers, a set was also seemingly produced for the Seattle Indians, though that set is so rare that it may have never even been released to the public.

1933 Wheaties Minneapolis Millers Postcards Checklist

  1. Dave Bancroft
  2. Rube Benton
  3. Andy Cohen
  4. Bob Fothergill
  5. Babe Ganzel
  6. Joe Glenn
  7. Wes Griffin
  8. Jack Hallett
  9. Jerry Harrington (announcer)
  10. Spencer Harris
  11. Joe Hauser
  12. Butch Henline
  13. Walter Hilcher
  14. Dutch Holland
  15. Harry Holsclaw
  16. Wes Kingdom
  17. George Murray
  18. Leo Norris
  19. Jess Petty
  20. Art Ruble
  21. Al Sheehan
  22. Ernie Smith
  23. Wally Tauscher
  24. Hy VanDenburg

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