1924 Mitchell’s and 1936 Packer Humorous Drawings Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Mitchell’s and Packer Humorous Drawings
Year 1924 and 1936
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Tobacco / Gum and Candy
Number in Set

1924 Mitchell’s and 1936 Packer’s Humorous Drawings Overview

1924 Humorous Drawings GolfThis unique set was issued first by Stephen Mitchell & Sons tobacco, a branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company. Mitchell’s distributed numerous card sets, including some sports cards.

As the title suggests, these cards contained humorous cartoon images. Fronts included a color picture along with a caption or discussion between the subjects shown. Backs included the set’s name as well as Mitchell and its brands.

While this is a mostly non-sports set, some sports cards are included depicting golf, soccer, and cricket. The two golf cards typically command the most attention.

The cards were distributed inside packages of Mitchell’s tobacco products, including Prize Crop, Three Nuns, Golden Dawn, Binnacle, and Naval Brigade Cigarettes. A generic ad with those brands is found on the backs and it cannot be determined which of the Mitchell products a particular card was distributed with.

Like other UK trading card sets, this one was re-released in later years. In 1936, the set was offered again by Packer’s Chocolates. The cards are include the same subjects but have the Packer’s name on the front and an advertisement for them on the back. Packer’s (H.J. Packer & Co., Ltd.) issued all sorts of chocolates, including caramels, chocolate covered nuts, creams, and chocolate covered raisins. The advertisement on the back touted them as ‘the largest makers of penny-an-ounce chocolates in the world.’

1924 Mitchell’s and 1936 Packer’s Humorous Drawings Checklist

While I do not have the card numbers recorded for this set, these are the cards as arranged by the subjects/phrase on the card.

Any cards depicting sports are marked with the sport in parentheses.

  1. Boarder
  2. Bowler and Batsman (Cricket)
  3. Boy and Father (Golf)
  4. Boy and Grandpa
  5. Boys and Mister (Cricket)
  6. Brother and Young Un
  7. Captain (Soccer)
  8. Chatlady Posing
  9. Clean Collar
  10. Counselor and Gentlemen
  11. Country Policeman and Tramp
  12. Country Postman and Lady
  13. Curate and Rustic in Cemetery
  14. Diner and Waiter
  15. Doctor and Boy
  16. Doctor and Patient
  17. Doctor and William
  18. Enthusiast and Dad
  19. Enthusiast and Passenger
  20. Foreman and Workers
  21. Good Christian
  22. Iced Pudding
  23. Insurance Agent and Victim
  24. John with Man and Cows
  25. Manager and Boy
  26. Mother and Alfred
  27. Mother and Barbara
  28. Mr. Ferguson (Fishing)
  29. Old Lady and Porter
  30. P.C. and Professor
  31. Pat and Man
  32. Person and Mrs. McTavish
  33. Policeman and Man/Hyde Park
  34. Pound of Cheese
  35. Professional and Novice (Golf)
  36. Sailor and Cook
  37. Salesman and Purchaser
  38. Shopman and Boy
  39. Sunday School Superintendent
  40. Suspicious Character and Servant
  41. TBD
  42. Victim of Accident and Boatman
  43. Wants Blouse Changed
  44. Wife and Husband
  45. Wife and John
  46. Wife and John in Boat
  47. Wife and Lazy Husband
  48. Wife and Man
  49. Woman and the Catty One
  50. Women and Police Officer

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