1888 N88 Duke’s Cigarettes Terrors of America Includes Baseball

‘It’s In The Details’

Title N88 Duke’s Cigarettes Terrors of America
Year 1888
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

N88 Duke’s Cigarettes Terrors of America Overview

N88 Terrors of America - The Umpire (1888)

N88 Terrors of America - The Catcher (1888)

N88 Duke Terrors of America

The 1888 N88 Duke’s Cigarettes Terrors of America includes both sports and non-sports cards. Included in the set is a handful of baseball-themed cards.

The cards depict a number of boys in different situations. There are full color images on the fronts and the backs include a complete checklist of the entire set. Pictures were designed by Knapp and Company based out of New York. The backs also state that the cards were “Packed in Duke’s Cigarettes.”

A larger, jumbo set of these cards was also produced with the N136 set. Those cards have the Honest Long Cut name on the back as opposed to Duke’s Cigarettes.

Boys are nameless and the images are generic. Still, despite that, these cards are still sought after by pre-war baseball card collectors.


While most cards of these cards seen measure about 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″, a slightly larger variation is known. The larger sized cards measure about 3″ and are about 1 3/4″ wide.

The larger cards are rare and, as a result, more valuable. As stated here, the standard cards were packed in Duke’s Cigarettes packages with the larger ones being distributed in Duke’s Mixture Brand. That is evident because the backs have the Duke’s Mixture Brand name printed at the bottom instead of the Duke’s Cigarettes name that exists on the others.

These cards have the same pictures as the other more common version so it can be difficult to tell them apart. If you are ever confused as to which version is which, look on the back.


In all, nine of the 50 cards (nearly 1/5 of the set) are linked to baseball. Baseball cards include (in order of appearance on the checklist on the back and listed below):

1. The Umpire
2. The Pitcher
3. Foot Ball
5. The Catcher
27. Ain’t She a Beauty
43. Out in Left Field
44. Say! Stop the game. Me galluses is gone wrong.
46. Out on First
47. The Boss Short Stop

Card No. 44 depicts a boy asking for the game to be stopped. While the type of game is initially in question, another boy looks to be in either a fielding or baserunning stance. That is actually the best evidence for this being a baseball card as a virtually identical drawing of a player in the background is included on Card No. 1 The Umpire – a definite baseball card. In addition, the main subject on the card is wearing a baseball cap. And considering that baseball has such a prominent role in the set, the game in question would appear to be that one.

Another card of note here is No. 3 – Foot Ball. One interesting fact is that while sometimes classified as having a football card, that is not really the case. In the picture, a boy is seen clutching his shin in pain. Some collectors, without having seen the card, have jumped to conclusion and assumed that the card is an early football card. However, it is more than likely linked to the sport of baseball. A small ball has struck the boy’s shin and, in the background, two boys appear to be standing by a base.

In all, there are nine cards here related to the sport of baseball.

N88 Duke’s Cigarettes Terrors of America Checklist

Here is a checklist of the entire set. Note that the final card, Thanksgiving Day, is not listed on the N88 backs and only 49 cards appear in that listing. Baseball cards are in bold below.

  1. The Umpire (Boy serving as umpire calling a ‘ball.’
  2. The Pitcher (Boy preparing to throw ball)
  3. Foot Ball (Boy struck by ball in shin)
  4. A Stunt
  5. The Catcher (Boy playing the position of catcher)
  6. Swimming
  7. Kite Time
  8. Snow Balling
  9. The Figure Eight
  10. Election Night
  11. Pot a Boilin
  12. Big Bite
  13. Hide and Seek
  14. Save the Core
  15. The Dude
  16. A Turkish Bath
  17. Wid me one Hand
  18. What a Find
  19. Before Election
  20. Tug of War
  21. Fishing
  22. Watch me hit him
  23. Line up back there
  24. The Boss Fighter
  25. Playing Nurse
  26. Brick in Hat
  27. Ain’t she a beauty (boy with bat)
  28. Extra! Extra!
  29. Rabbit Hunter
  30. Please come home
  31. Maud S
  32. Spread the Eagle
  33. Hit a feller yer size
  34. Knuckle down
  35. Get off there
  36. In the First Class
  37. Leap Frog
  38. Let her go slow
  39. De Boss of de Gang
  40. Boss Whistler
  41. Tappy-on-the-Window
  42. My New Duds
  43. Out in Left Field
  44. Say! Stop the game. Me Galluses is gone wrong (Boy asking for game to be stopped)
  45. Playing Buffalo Bill
  46. Out on first (Boy playing position of first base)
  47. The Boss Short Stop (Boy hit with baseball)
  48. I didn’t steal no apples
  49. Clean it for a quarter
  50. Thanksgiving Day

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