1888-89 N173 Old Judge Cabinets Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title N173 Old Judge Cabinets
Year 1888-89
Size 4 1/4″ x 6 1/2″
Images Sepia
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

N173 Old Judge Cabinets Overview

N173 Breslin.jpg

In 1886, Old Judge Cigarettes produced a small set (N167) that is among the scarcest pre-war card collectibles around. They followed that up with quite possibly the largest pre-war card issue ever created in the N172 Old Judge set. The N173 set is a larger cabinet card version of the N172 cards. These are photographs that have been mounted to a backing.

The N172 set is so large, in fact, that new cards are still being discovered. Not only do hundreds of cards exist, but the set reaches over 1,000 when one considers all of the different poses known. For this reason, while worthy checklists have been assembled, it is likely that none will every be completely confirmed. Just as the N172 checklist is large and a bit unknown, that rule applies to the N173 set as well.

It may be even harder to determine which N173 cabinet cards exist since they were premium giveaways to collectors in exchange for coupons. While certain N173 cards have been confirmed, it is likely that we will never know the full known checklist is 100% accurate.

As is the case with the N172 cards, a big problem with the N173 cabinets is fading of the images. Some issues, particularly those exposed to light, have become barely recognizable by collectors unfamiliar with them. This makes for a premium on cards that have sharp, clear pictures.

It should be noted that while most N173 cabinets have a yellow-colored mount, some with other colors are known, too, including black, pink, and red. Why the varying colors exist or why some colors are rarer than others is not entirely known. But cabinets with these different colored mounts can sell for a premium.

N173 Old Judge Cabinets Checklist

A complete N173 checklist is not known.

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