1914 Baltimore News Set and Checklist with Babe Ruth ‘Rookie’

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Baltimore News
Year 1914
Size 2 5/8″ x 3 5/8″
Images Color Tint
Type Publications
Number in Set

1914 Baltimore News Overview

1914 Baltimore News Ruth.jpg

The 1914 Baltimore News set has gained notoriety for its Babe Ruth card, which is identified as the rookie of the famous slugger by many collectors.

The cards were produced by the Baltimore News and included local players from the Baltimore Terrapins and Baltimore Orioles – teams in the International and Federal Leagues. Cards were printed in either blue or red ink with the backs including a schedule. The set was actually part of a game, per PSA.

While potentially Ruth’s earliest baseball card, not all agree that this is necessarily his rookie edition. A rookie card is often classified as a player’s first non-regional edition and while many early cards were regional to some degree, Ruth’s 1914 Baltimore News is particularly a regional issue. The card also features Ruth as an International League player and some collectors believe that only major league issues should serve as a true rookie.

Whatever the case, though, this has become Ruth’s most valuable card. The cards sell consistently for six figures and ones not in low-grade condition are generally considered to be seven-figure cards. Grasping a good feel on their pricing, however, can be difficult because they are hardly ever offered for sale.

1914 Baltimore News Checklist

Per that earlier PSA link, 11 cards in all exist in the set.

  1. Neal Ball
  2. Ensign Cotrell
  3. Birdie Cree
  4. Davidson
  5. Mike Doolan
  6. Jack Dunn
  7. Babe Ruth
  8. George Suggs
  9. George Twombley
  10. Ducky Young
  11. Guy Zinn

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