Capadura Skating and Other Comics (H889) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Capadura Skating and Other Comics (H889)
Year c1880s
Size 3 1/4″ x 5″
Images Black Ink
Type Trade Cards
Number in Set
5 (?)

Capadura Skating and Other Comics (H889) Set Overview

This set of trade cards featured the ‘sport’ of roller skating. The set is recognized in the American Card Catalog as H889 in the trade card category.

Cards feature black-ink cartoon drawings of humorous subjects on roller skates. It is one of the many comical trade card issues that were printed.

The set was issued as advertising for Capadura’s Cigars. Capadura issued numerous trade cards, but is perhaps most known for their baseball trade cards depicting players in red and white uniforms.

Fronts of these cards feature the cartoon sketches along with a title. The bottom includes an advertisement or Capadura that reads, “The Capadura has been, is now, and ever shall be, the best 5 cent cigar in the world!” To date, I’ve seen five cards in the checklist. While more than five different cards could exist, the company’s baseball set had only five cards.

It should be noted that the bottom advertisement for Capadura was often cut off by collectors. That was common not only with Capadura’s baseball trade cards, but also even for other tobacco cards from the 19th century. Of course, cards uncut and with the original advertisement are more desirable and sell for a bit more.

I have not seen a definitive date for this issue. However, it is believed they are likely from the 1880s when other similar trade card issues were printed.

Capadura Skating and Other Comics (H889) Set Checklist

  1. A Balancing Act!
  2. Give Him Room!
  3. It was Such Fun!
  4. Sat Down Upon!
  5. Such Charming Grace!

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