Capadura Cigar Trade Cards Set (H804-4)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title H804-4 Capadura Cigar Trade Cards
Year 1800s
Size 3 1/4″ x 5″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set

H804-4 Capadura Cigar Trade Cards Overview

Set H 804-4 baseball advertising trade card

The H804-4 Capadura Cigar set is part of the baseball comic series of trade cards.

The cards feature a variety of humorous baseball scenes depicting players in a situations. Baseball players were pictured in simple red and white uniforms. These cards have a similar look to the well-known Merchants Gargling Oil baseball trade issue. The set was produced for the Capadura Cigar company and their name and a brief advertisement is printed at the bottoms and on the backs.

The Capadura set is one of the more common ones. The cards are generally pretty inexpensive, generally selling in the $10-$20 range. Capadura Cigars also printed other trade cards. While most were non-sports issues, others featuring jockeys/horse racing are known.

These cards are believed to have been printed in the late 1880s, although an exact date is not known.

Collectors of these cards often tried to separate the Capadura name from them. Because of that, these are often found trimmed with the bottom portion having been cut off. The cards uncut, of course, are more valuable.

As is the case with most trade cards, these are fragile and printed on thinner card stock. For that reason, they can be torn or ripped quite easily and damaged easier than standard baseball cards.

H804-4 Capadura Cigar Checklist

  1. Behind the Bat.
  2. Judgment!
  3. A Short Stop!
  4. Two Men Out and Three Men on Bases!
  5. Where Will You Have Them?

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