1923 Maple Crispette Set (V117)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V117 Maple Crispette
Year 1923
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1923 V117 Maple Crispette Overview


Maple Crispette produced this short 30-card issue in 1923. Categorized as the V117 set in the American Card Catalog, the cards make up another popular Canadian pre-war baseball card issue.

Fronts feature a black and white photograph with the player’s name. Cards were also numbered on the front in the lower right hand corner. One design note that is notable is that, while almost all of the cards have a standard rectangular border, Howard Summa’s No. 6 and Bill Wambsganss’ No. 29 card do not. Instead, theirs have a circle around their necks and the lower portion of their heads, for some reason. Overall, the cards have a pretty bland look.

As most baseball issues from Canada typically were, this set does not appear to have been printed in high quantities. While they are not impossible to find, they are certainly tougher than most American candy issues from the same time period.

Interestingly, the set is somewhat star heavy. In addition to Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Walter Johnson, several other Hall of Famers are found in it, too.

1923 V117 Maple Crispette Promotion

The back includes a special offer for collectors to exchange a complete 30-card set for either an Official American League Junior baseball or a scholastic model glove. Maple Crispette also produced hockey cards and collectors also had the option of mixing and matching a set, substituting baseball cards with some hockey ones in order to receive the special premium offered.

Maple Crispette’s Montreal location was also printed on the bottom of the backs, where collectors were to send completed sets.

It should be noted that the Casey Stengel card is shortprinted, which made it easy for the company to limit the number of complete sets that were redeemed. On the rare occasion when a complete set is auctioned, it is likely missing (as was the case here).

The Stengel card, which was No. 15 in the set, is important to note given the idea that fans could mix and match the baseball and hockey cards for the promotion. It should come as no surprise that No. 15 in the hockey issue, Sprague Cleghorn, was also shortprinted.

And, of course, the shortprinting makes completing the set nearly impossible.

1923 V117 Maple Crispette Checklist

  1. Jesse Barnes
  2. Pie Traynor
  3. Ray Schalk
  4. Eddie Collins
  5. Leo Fohl
  6. Howard Summa
  7. Waite Hoyt
  8. Babe Ruth
  9. Cozy Dolan
  10. Johnny Bassler
  11. George Dauss
  12. Joe Sewell
  13. Syl Johnson
  14. Ivy Wingo
  15. Casey Stengel
  16. Arnold Statz
  17. Emil Meusel
  18. Bill Jacobson
  19. Jim Bottomley
  20. Sam Bohne
  21. Bucky Harris
  22. Ty Cobb
  23. Roger Peckinpaugh
  24. Muddy Ruel
  25. Bill McKechnie
  26. Riggs Stephenson
  27. Herb Pennock
  28. Edd Roush
  29. Bill Wambsganss
  30. Walter Johnson

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