1924-25 V130 Maple Crispette Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V130 Maple Crispette
Year 1924-25
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Candy
Number in Set

1924-25 V130 Maple Crispette Overview


The 1924-25 V130 Maple Crispette is a smaller, rare Canadian issue of hockey cards. The set contains only 30 cards and includes black and white pictures of players on the front along with their name and a card number.

Some of the cards included a player’s full name but many only listed a last name as well as his team.

The backs displayed a drawing of a skate blade and informed collectors that they could exchange a complete set of the cards for a pair of skates by sending them in to the company. As usual, there was a catch as card No. 15 Sprague Cleghorn, was shortprinted to likely help reduce the number of redemptions that would need to be made.

Interesting, the 1923 Maple Crispette baseball cards also offered a special promotion. Theirs, however, mentioned that collectors could complete the offer by sending in all 30 card numbers, regardless of if they were baseball or hockey players. Card No. 15 in the baseball set was Casey Stengel and his card was shortprinted. Those looking for a break with the hockey cards found no such luck with the shortprinted Cleghorn. There can be absolutely zero doubt what the company did here in purposefully shortprinting No. 15 in both sets.

And, of course, the shortprinting makes completing the set nearly impossible.

1924-25 V130 Maple Crispette Checklist

  1. Dunc Munro
  2. Clint Benedict
  3. Fowler
  4. Headley
  5. Skinner
  6. Cook
  7. Harris
  8. Herberts
  9. Cooper
  10. Red Green
  11. Billy Boucher
  12. Howie Morenz
  13. Georges Vezina
  14. Aurel Joliat
  15. Sprague Cleghorn
  16. Dutch Cain
  17. Charlie Dinsmore
  18. Harry Broadbent
  19. Sammy Rothschild
  20. George Carroll
  21. Billy Burch
  22. Shorty Green
  23. Mickey Roach
  24. Ken Randall
  25. Hamilton Forbes
  26. Charlie Langlois
  27. Newsy Lalonde
  28. Fred Lowrey
  29. Ganton Scott
  30. Louis Berlinguette

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