G300 Football Cigar Box Labels

‘It’s In The Details’

Title G300 Football Cigar Box Labels
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G300 Football Cigar Box Labels Overview

Centre Rush Football Cigar Box LabelCigar manufacturers used baseball labels for many of their cigar boxes. A few, though, included pictures of football players and scenes. These labels and boxes are collectible today and generally difficult to find.

While it might seem like these should be considered tobacco items, Jefferson Burdick actually classified them as G-Cards in his Banners and Labels section of the American Card Catalog. Part of the reason for that was while almost all were labels for tobacco products/cigar boxes, a few were on boxes for other products, such as coffee. Specifically, Burdick categorized all cigar box labels as G300.

These are from a variety of years but most were produced in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Below are a list of known football cigar box labels. Others surely exist and will be added upon discovery. All boxes listed below are believed to be have been produced for cigar boxes unless identified.

  • Captain Sharp Label
  • Centre Rush Label
  • College Widow Label
  • College Team Label
  • Goal Label (Harvard-Yale-Princeton-Penn)
  • Pigskin Cigar Label
  • Tom Rush Label
  • Yale, Harvard, Princeton Label

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