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Baseball Cigar Box Labels Overview

Honus Wagner Cigar Label.jpgCigar manufacturers used baseball labels for many of their cigar boxes. These labels and boxes are collectible today and generally difficult to find.

While it might seem like these should be considered tobacco items, Jefferson Burdick actually classified them as G-Cards in his Banners and Labels section of the American Card Catalog. Part of the reason for that was while almost all were labels for tobacco products/cigar boxes, a few were on boxes for other products, such as coffee.

These are from a variety of years but most were produced in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

While most of the labels feature pictures of generic baseball players, a few used pictures of real players and teams. Below are a list of known baseball cigar box labels. Others surely exist and will be added upon discovery. All boxes listed below are believed to be have been produced for cigar boxes unless identified.

  • A.G. Spalding Label
  • Al Simmons Label
  • Anonymous Baseball Scene (blue-green tint)
  • Base Ball Label
  • Base Hit Label
  • The Bat Label
  • Big Run Label (Multi-Sport with Buck Ewing)
  • Blue Ball Label
  • Brownie Nine Label
  • The Champions Label (Cuban issue)
  • Christy Mathewson Tuxedo Label
  • Crack Catcher Label
  • Crack Team Label
  • Curve King Label
  • Cy Young Label
  • Diamond Ball Label
  • Fair Ball Label
  • Frank (Home Run) Baker Label
  • Golden Ball Label
  • Green Bay Baseball Club Label
  • Handmade American League Perfectos Label
  • 1910 Hans Wagner Label
  • Hans Wagner (black and white side image)
  • 1905 Harvey Pulliam Label
  • Home Club Label
  • Home Favorite Label
  • Home Run Coffee Label
  • Home Run Cottons
  • Home Strike Label
  • Honus Wagner (black and white image)
  • Hughie Jennings Hey-Yea Label
  • Joe Tinker Label
  • Judgment! Label
  • Little Short Stop Label
  • Metropolitan Match Label
  • Mordecai Brown Label
  • Off the Bat Label
  • Old Time G Label
  • On the Fly Label
  • Our Nine Label
  • Red Stockings Label
  • Reds and Blue Label
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson Selz Shoes Label
  • St. Louis Browns Champions Label
  • Star Play Label
  • Sure Hit Label
  • Umpire Label
  • Union League Label
  • Whew Label



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