1932 Wills Homeland Events Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wills Homeland Events
Year 1932
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1932 Wills Homeland Events Overview

Wills Homeland Events Golfwills-homeland-events-tennis-wimbledon.jpgThis UK set was distributed by tobacco company Wills and was one of their many tobacco card issues. While the set is mostly a non-sports issue, it does include a few sports cards from tennis, boxing, soccer, and golf. The cards feature real events in the UK.

The cards are slightly smaller than your standard tobacco card issues from that time period. They feature real black and white images and are also somewhat different in that they have a glossy finish. A small caption of each scene is on the front and a longer description is provided on the back.

The tennis and golf cards (three tennis and one golf) are most desired by American collectors. While No. 16 features golf at St. Andrews, the picture is actually of Hall of Famer Bobby Jones, making it highly desirable. The three tennis cards feature legends Fred Perry, Helen Wills, and Betty Nuthall.

Confusion with Other Homeland Events Sets

Many collectors are unaware that there are actually more than one of these Homeland Events sets. This one was printed in 1932 and distributed with Wills products. However, an earlier one from 1927 was also printed with that set being distributed by British American Tobacco, Wills, and Lambert and Butler.

The cards are nearly identical to these and many of the same subjects appear. However, the card numbers are different and other cards are introduced in those sets as well.

Of great importance is that collectors should know that there is a Golf at St. Andrews card in that set as well. However, that card does not reference Jones.

1932 Wills Homeland Events Checklist

  1. Cricket at Lord’s
  2. Coaching Club, Opening Meet
  3. Tennis at Wimbledon (Betty Nuthall)
  4. Cup Final Scene in London
  5. Warwickshire Foxhounds
  6. Regatta Week at Cowes
  7. St. Patrick’s Day
  8. Opening of Parliament
  9. Greyhound Racing
  10. Ascot Sunday at Boulter’s Lock
  11. The Springboks
  12. Rotten Rowe, Hyde Park
  13. Royal Gift of the Maundy
  14. Lent Bumping Races
  15. Henley Regatta Final Day
  16. Golf at St. Andrews (Bobby Jones)
  17. Henley Royal Regatta
  18. Launch at Newcastle
  19. Air Pageant at Hendon
  20. Air Thrills at Hendon
  21. Armistice Day
  22. Polo at Ranelagh
  23. Vine Fox-Hunt
  24. Royal Ascot
  25. Trooping the Colour
  26. Tennis at Wimbledon (Doubles match with Fred Perry)
  27. Cart Horse Parade
  28. Trooping the Colour
  29. Greyhound Racing
  30. The Grand National
  31. Epsom Derby Card
  32. Bucks Otterhounds
  33. Racing at Brooklands
  34. Lord Mayor’s Show
  35. Buckingham Palace
  36. Trooping the Colour
  37. Zoological Gardens
  38. Road to Buckingham Palace
  39. Bisley Schoolboys’ Day
  40. Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race
  41. Cup Final at Wembley
  42. Aldershoot Tattoo
  43. Racing at Brooklands
  44. The Grand National
  45. Carnera-Meen Big Fight
  46. R.A.F. Flying Boats
  47. British Legion Memorial Parade
  48. Tennis at Wimbledon (doubles match with Helen Wills)
  49. Cross-Country Championship
  50. Braemar Gathering
  51. AAA Championships
  52. Rugby International Race
  53. Auto-Cycle Tourist Trophy Race
  54. Empress of Britain

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