1923-24 V145-1 William Paterson Chocolates Hockey Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V145-1 William Paterson Chocolates
Year 1923-24
Size 2″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1923-24 V145-1 William Paterson Chocolates Overview

V145-1 19 Georges Vezina.jpg

The 1923-24 V145-1 40-card set is one of two issues designated as V145. With a V-Card distinction, it was a release printed in Canada and is considered a candy/caramel card issue. Both the V145-1 and V145-2 card sets are relatively similar in appearance.

There is nothing on the backs of the card, but the fronts include the player name, team name, card number, and ‘National Hockey League.’ All photos used of players are portraits.

As is the case with the V129 set, it is not entirely known who produced the V145 cards and they are sometimes referred to as an anonymous set. However, most consider them to have been distributed by the William Paterson Company. That name is also often misspelled by collectors as ‘Patterson.’

1923-24 V145-1 William Paterson Chocolates Checklist

  1. Eddie Gerard
  2. Frank Nighbor
  3. King Clancy
  4. Jack Darragh
  5. Harry Helman
  6. George Boucher
  7. Clint Benedict
  8. Lionel Hitchman
  9. Harry Broadbent
  10. Cy Denenny
  11. Sprague Cleghorn
  12. Sylvio Mantha
  13. Joe Malone
  14. Auriel Joliat
  15. Howie Morenz
  16. Billy Boucher
  17. Billy Coutu
  18. Odie Cleghorn
  19. Georges Vezina
  20. Amos Arbour
  21. Lloyd Andrews
  22. Red Stuart
  23. Cecil Dye
  24. Jack Adams
  25. Bert Corbeau
  26. Reg Noble
  27. Stan Jackson
  28. John Ross Roach
  29. Vernon Forbes
  30. Shorty Green
  31. Red Green
  32. Goldie Prodgers
  33. Leo Reise
  34. Ken Randall
  35. Billy Burch
  36. Jesse Spring
  37. Eddie Bouchard
  38. Mickey Roach
  39. Charles Fraser
  40. Corbett Denenny

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