1933-34 V129 Anonymous Hockey Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V129 Anonymous
Year 1933-34
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 7/8″
Images Black and White
Type Unknown
Number in Set

1933-34 V129 Anonymous Overview

V129 43 Johnnie Gagnon.jpg

The 1933-34 V129 hockey card set includes a total of 50 black and white cards. It is designated as a V-Card because it was manufactured in Canada. The cards are very basic with only a black and white picture and name on the fronts. Backs include a player biography and some statistics. Even the backgrounds are blank.

The manufacturer of the cards is unknown since there is no printing to identify them. Cards are printed vertically but a horizontal card (No. 18 – John Ross Roach) was included as well.

One unique feature is that many of the cards in the set utilize a player’s nickname as his first name. When that occurs, the name is printed in parentheses.

1933-34 V129 Anonymous Harry Oliver Short Print

The cards are already rare enough as it is, but one is incredibly difficult to find – No. 29 Harry Oliver. It is not only the most desirable card in the set but one of the most sought after pre-war hockey cards in existence.

Only a handful of the Oliver cards are currently known to be in existence and as of the time of this writing, PSA has graded only a single copy. The card is so rare, in fact, that most collectors consider the set to be complete without it.

1933-34 V129 Anonymous Checklist

  1. Red Horner
  2. Happy Day
  3. Ace Bailey
  4. Buzz Boll
  5. Chuck Conacher
  6. Busher Jackson
  7. Joe Primeau
  8. King Clancy
  9. Alex Levinsky
  10. Bill Thoms
  11. Andy Blair
  12. Lucky Cotton
  13. George Hainsworth
  14. Ken Doraty
  15. Fred Robertson
  16. Charlie Sands
  17. Hec Kilrea
  18. John Ros Roach
  19. Laurie Aurie
  20. Ebbie Goodfellow
  21. Normie Hiles
  22. Bill Brydge
  23. Red Dutton
  24. Cooney Weiland
  25. Bill Beveridge
  26. Frank Finnigan
  27. Battleship Leduc
  28. Babe Seibert
  29. Murray Murdock
  30. Butch Keeling
  31. Bill Cook
  32. Cecil Dillon
  33. Ching Johnson
  34. Ott Heller
  35. Red Beatty
  36. Dit Clapper
  37. Eddie Shore
  38. Marty Barry
  39. Harold Oliver
  40. Bob Gracie
  41. Howie Morenz
  42. Pit Lepine
  43. Johnnie Gagnon
  44. Armond Mondou
  45. Lorne Chabot
  46. Bun Cook
  47. Alex Smith
  48. Danny Cox
  49. Baldy Northcote
  50. Paul Thompson

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