1889 G75 Goodwin Games and Sports Banner

‘It’s In The Details’

Title G75 Goodwin Games and Sports Banner
Year 1889
Images Color
Type Banners
Number in Set

1889 G75 Goodwin Games and Sports Banner Overview

The 1889 N165 Goodwin Games and Sports set includes 50 cards featuring a variety of games and sports. The cards feature a picture of a woman in front of a background scene of the game/sport mentioned on the front. Included among the cards are four baseball cards and one football. The football card is one of the earliest created for the sport. The cards were produced by Goodwin and Company for their Old Judge and Dog’s Head cigarette packages.

The G75 banners were an advertisement of sorts that were likely hung in shops selling the cigarettes that included the cards. Printed on thin paper, they are difficult to find at all – let alone in good condition.

The posters feature a layout of 22 of the cards. Unlike the G20 and G21 Allen & Ginter Banners, not every card in the set was pictured on the banner. One unique thing is that the cards on the poster are the same ones used in the A38 Goodwin Album. It is important to note that, while many collectors assume all hand cut N165 cards are from the A38 Album, that is incorrect. Some of the hand-cut examples out there were from the album but some were also from these banners.

The banners had the ‘Games and Sports’ name at the top and the bottom indicated that those cards were found ‘packed in Old Judge and Dog’s Head Cigarettes’ packages, produced by Goodwin & Company, which was in New York and London. 22 of the cards were displayed and a picture of a woman was prominently featured in the middle as well as a small collage of sporting goods equipment.

1889 G75 Goodwin Games and Sports Banner Checklist

The cards featured on the banner are the same in the N165 Goodwin Games and Sports set. However, only 22 of the 50 cards in the set are pictured on the banner.

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