1889 Goodwin Games and Sports (N165) Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Goodwin Games and Sports (N165)
Year 1889
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

1889 Goodwin Games and Sports (N165) Overview


n165-baseball-goodwin.jpgThe 1889 N165 Goodwin Games and Sports set includes 50 cards featuring a variety of games and sports. The cards feature a picture of a woman in front of a background scene of the game/sport mentioned on the front.

Included among the cards are four baseball cards and one football. The football card is one of the earliest created for the sport.

Baseball received the most representation of any sport or game in the issue as it has four cards featuring a batter, a catcher, a fielder, and a pitcher. These, along with the football issue, are generally considered the most valuable cards. The lesser sports have value but can be found much cheaper.

Goodwin also created a special album supplement known as the A38 issue along with this set, which featured pictures of the cards.

The images for this set were a little unique in that the layout of the cards was horizontal, not vertical. in addition to baseball and football, other key issues in the set included cards for boxing and tennis. Other sports, such as cricket, have more value to collectors outside of the U.S.

1889 Goodwin Games and Sports (N165) Checklist

Below is a checklist for the entire set.

  1. Ancient Tournament
  2. Archery
  3. Baseball (batter)
  4. Baseball (catcher)
  5. Baseball (fielder)
  6. Baseball (pitcher)
  7. Bicycling
  8. Billiards
  9. Bowling
  10. Boxing
  11. Bull Fighting
  12. Canoeing
  13. Chariot Race
  14. Club Swinging
  15. Coasting
  16. Coursing
  17. Cricket
  18. Curling
  19. Dumbbell Raising
  20. Fencing
  21. Fishing
  22. Football
  23. Foot Race
  24. Fox Hunt
  25. Gladiators
  26. Hand Ball
  27. Hare and Hounds
  28. High Jumping
  29. Hurdle Race
  30. Ice Yachting
  31. Lacrosse
  32. Lawn Tennis
  33. Pedestrian Contest
  34. Pigeon Shooting
  35. Pistol Shooting
  36. Pole Vaulting
  37. Polo
  38. Putting the Shot
  39. Quoits
  40. Roller Skating
  41. Rowing
  42. Running Race
  43. Shuttlecock
  44. Skating
  45. Skittles
  46. Snow Shoeing
  47. Swimming
  48. Throwing the Hammer
  49. Tobogganing
  50. Yachting

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