1888/1889 G111 Buchner Views and Girls Banner

‘It’s In The Details’

Title G111 Buchner Views and Girls Banner
Year 1888 or 1889
Images Color
Type Banners
Number in Set

1888/1889 G111 Buchner Views and Girls Banner Overview

The 1888/1889 N285 Buchner Morning Glory Maidens set featured a collection of women in a variety of sports and non-sports capacities. These cards were packaged inside of boxes of Buchner tobacco products.

The G111 banners were an advertisement of sorts that were likely hung in shops selling the cigarettes that included the cards. Printed on thin paper, they are difficult to find at all – let alone in good condition.

The banners feature pictures of the 23 cards in it with some being the sports cards in the N285 set. It is titled ‘One of the Finest Chewing and Smoking Tobacco’ and that is sometimes referred to the name of the banner. The name, G111 Buchner Views and Girls, however, is the official name in the American Card Catalog.

The posters feature a layout of 23 of the cards. Unlike the G20 and G21 Allen & Ginter Banners, not every card in the respective corresponding set (N28s on the G20 banner and N29s on the G21 banner) was pictured on the banner. 23 cards from the N285 set are on the banner and, while the exact number of cards in that set is unknown, there are at least 50 in it.

1888/1889 G111 Buchner Views and Girls Banner Checklist

This banner is a standalone issue.

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