1889 G21 Allen & Ginter World Champions Banner

‘It’s In The Details’

Title G21 Allen & Ginter World Champions Banner
Year 1889
Size 16″ x 28″
Images Color
Type Banners
Number in Set

1889 G21 Allen & Ginter World Champions Banner Overview

The 1889 N29 Allen & Ginter cards featured a collection of 50 champions and stars in a variety of sports, including baseball, rowing, wrestling, pugilism/boxing, rifle shooting, and billiards/pool. These cards were packaged inside of boxes of Allen & Ginter cigarettes. It was a continuation of sorts from the 1888 N28 Allen & Ginter issue.

The G21 banners were an advertisement of sorts that were likely hung in shops selling the cigarettes that included the cards. Printed on thin paper, they are difficult to find at all – let alone in good condition.

You may find these advertised as both an 1888 and an 1889 issue. Like the cards in the N29 set, there is some conflict between collectors as to when these were actually produced. 1889 is the more accepted year of release, however.

The posters feature a layout of all 50 cards. One unique thing is that the cards on the poster do not overlap and the pictures are the same ones used in the A17 Allen & Ginter Album. Those also included pictures of the N29 cards but did not have the Allen & Ginter name printed on the bottom as the cards that were packaged with cigarettes did. It is important to note that, while many collectors assume all hand cut N29 cards that are blank-backed and without the Allen & Ginter name at the bottom are from the A17 Album, that is incorrect. Some of the hand-cut examples out there were from the album but some were also from these banners, such as this example here.

The banners had a different appearance from the G20 Allen & Ginter Banners. Instead of being placed in the middle, the Allen & Ginter name was featured at the top of the predominantly olive and blue background.

1889 G21 Allen & Ginter World Champions Banner Checklist

The cards featured on the banner are the same in the N29 Allen & Ginter set and are listed below.

  1. James Albert
  2. W. Barry
  3. Theo Bauer
  4. Edwin Bibby
  5. Captain Boyton
  6. E.C. Carter
  7. C.W. Clarke
  8. W.E. Crist
  9. H. Crocker
  10. William Cummings
  11. Captain Daly
  12. Patsey Duffy
  13. James Dwight
  14. William East
  15. Billy Edwards
  16. Buck Ewing (Baseball)
  17. Pat Fitzgerald
  18. Joseph Fogarty (Baseball)
  19. M. Ford
  20. W.G. George
  21. Charles Getzin (Baseball)
  22. Willie Harradon
  23. Jack Havlin
  24. Gus Hill
  25. F.F. Ives
  26. Patsey Kerrigan
  27. George La Blanche
  28. E.D. Lange
  29. Hugh McCormack
  30. Jack McGee
  31. George Miller (Baseball)
  32. James Morrell (Baseball)
  33. Frank Murphy
  34. Johnny Murphy
  35. L.E. Myers
  36. William O’Connor
  37. W.B. Page
  38. Axel Paulsen
  39. Thomas Pettitt
  40. C. Queckberner
  41. T. Ray
  42. Duncan Ross
  43. William Rowe
  44. James Ryan (Baseball)
  45. R.D. Sears
  46. H.W. Slocum
  47. Percy Stone
  48. Ralph Temple
  49. Matthew Webb
  50. Fred Wood

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