1887 Kimball Champions Banner

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Kimball Champions Banner
Year 1887
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Type Banners
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1887 Kimball Champions Banner Overview

The 1887 N184 Kimball Champions set featured a collection of signature athletes in a variety of sports. In addition to baseball, other sports included boxing, wrestling, track and field, and shooting, among others. These cards were packaged inside of boxes of Kimball cigarette products.

These banners were an advertisement of sorts that were likely hung in shops selling the cigarettes that included the cards. Printed on thin paper, they are difficult to find at all – let alone in good condition. Unlike others, which advertised cards for tobacco companies such as Allen & Ginter, Goodwin, and more, this set was not listed in Jefferson Burdick’s American Card Catalog. I believe it is the only 19th Century banner that features a set that includes one of the four major American sports (baseball, basketball, football, or hockey) that is not listed in the book.

The posters feature a layout of 24 of the cards. Unlike the G20 and G21 Allen & Ginter Banners, not every card in the respective corresponding set (N28s on the G20 banner and N29s on the G21 banner) was pictured on the banner. With only 24 of the 50 cards featured, not even half are pictured. The banner advertises the set as, ‘Champions of Sports and Games’ and indicates the cards are packed in W.S. Kimball and Company’s products.

One important discrepancy is found on the banner. The banner states that more than 50 subjects are included in the set. However, exactly 50 are in the release and no more. Perhaps, the company planned to create a second series as Allen & Ginter did with their N28 and N29 cards. That, though, never happened and even though more than 50 were advertised, there are indeed only 50 in the set.

1887 Kimball Champions Banner Checklist

This banner is a standalone issue.

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