1936 World Wide Gum Set (V355)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V355 World Wide Gum
Year 1936
Size 2 3/8″ x 2 7/8″
Images Black and White
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1936 V355 World Wide Gum Overview


For the third time in four years, the World Wide Gum Company mirrored the American Goudey company in the production of a baseball card set. But unlike the 1933 and 1934 issues, the 1936 issues were distinctly different.

Created by the World Wide Gum Company, the 1936 V355 set is close to the 1936 Goudey issues in terms of look. Both are black and white and the cards are about the same size. But there are significant differences, too.

The Goudey cards contained replica signatures of the players on the front and the backs were actually part of a game. The World Wide Gum cards didn’t have any such autograph (instead, they only had the player’s name and card number inside of a box) and backs were standard biographies (in both English and French).

For the first time, the World Wide Gum set is much larger, too. The 1936 Goudey release consisted of only 25 cards while the World Wide Gum cards had a whopping 135 in their set. It was the largest World Wide Gum set, in fact, of the three that mirrored Goudey issues in 1933, 1934, and 1936.

The cards are nearly impossible to find in high grade as PSA has not assigned any cards a 9 or 10 grade (and only ten cards have received straight PSA 8s).

Joe DiMaggio Rookie Card

1936 World Wide Gum Joe DiMaggioThere are several noteworthy cards but, without a doubt, the key is the rookie card of the legendary Joe DiMaggio.

Simply put, DiMaggio’s card in this set is one of the most important gum issues of all time. And while he has other rookies in some premium sets, his World Wide Gum card is easily his most desirable card. Even in low-grade condition, it is a very expensive card because of its rarity and prestige. The card, even in bad shape, generally sells for more than $10,000.

The fact is, that it is one of the most valuable pre-war cards out there. Even in lower-grade condition, it’s a five-figure card. A PSA 2, for example, sold in a Heritage Auction in 2017 for more than $13,000. A PSA 3 sold on eBay in 2018 for over $20,000.

Here’s a closer look at the DiMaggio card and its overall importance.

Card No. 135 Philip Weintraub

Collectors pursuing this set should note the rarity of the final card, No. 135 Philip Weintraub. The Weintraub card is considered to be shortprinted and is usually quite expensive, selling for hundreds of dollars even in low grade condition.

The card is so rare that when 1936 World Wide Gum sets are advertised for sale, they are often done so without the Weintraub.

1936 V355 World Wide Gum Checklist

  1. Jimmy Dykes
  2. Paul Waner
  3. Cy Blanton
  4. Sam Leslie
  5. Johnny Vergez
  6. Arky Vaughan
  7. Bill Terry
  8. Joe Moore
  9. Gus Mancuso
  10. Fred Marberry
  11. George Selkirk
  12. Spud Davis
  13. Chuck Klein
  14. Fred Fitzsimmons
  15. Bill Delancey
  16. Billy Herman
  17. George Davis
  18. Rip Collins
  19. Dizzy Dean
  20. Roy Parmalee
  21. Victor Sorrell
  22. Harry Danning
  23. Hal Schumacher
  24. Cy Perkins
  25. Leo Durocher
  26. Glenn Myatt
  27. Bob Seeds
  28. Jimmy Ripple
  29. Al Schacht
  30. Pete Fox
  31. Del Baker
  32. Flea Clifton
  33. Tom Bridges
  34. Bill Dickey
  35. Wally Berger
  36. Slick Castelman
  37. Dick Bartell
  38. Red Rolfe
  39. Waite Hoyt
  40. Wes Ferrell
  41. Hank Greenberg
  42. Charlie Gehringer
  43. Goose Goslin
  44. Schoolboy Rowe
  45. Mickey Cochrane
  46. Joe Cronin
  47. Jimmie Foxx
  48. Jerry Walker
  49. Charlie Gelbert
  50. Roy Hayworth
  51. Joe DiMaggio
  52. Billy Rogell
  53. Joe McCarty
  54. Phil Cavaretta
  55. Kiki Culyer
  56. Lefty Gomez
  57. Gabby Hartnett
  58. Johnny Marcum
  59. Burgess Whitehead
  60. Whitey Whitehall
  61. Bucky Walters
  62. Luke Sewell
  63. Joe Kuhel
  64. Lou Finney
  65. Fred Lindstrom
  66. Paul Derringer
  67. Steve O’Neil
  68. Mule Haas
  69. Freck Owen
  70. Wild Bill Hallahan
  71. Bill Urbanski
  72. Dan Taylor
  73. Heinie Manush
  74. Jo Jo White
  75. Ducky Medwick
  76. Joe Vosmik
  77. Al Simmons
  78. Shag Shaughnessy
  79. Harry Smythe
  80. Benny Tate
  81. Billy Rhiel
  82. Lauri Myllykangas
  83. Ben Sankey
  84. Crip Poli
  85. Jim Bottomley
  86. William Clark
  87. Ossie Bluege
  88. Lefty Grove
  89. Charlie Grimm
  90. Ben Chapman
  91. Frank Crosetti
  92. John Pomorski
  93. Jesse Haines
  94. Chick Hafey
  95. Tony Piet
  96. Lou Gehrig
  97. Bill Jurges
  98. Smead Jolley
  99. Jimmy Wilson
  100. Lon Warneke
  101. Lefty Tamulis
  102. Charlie Ruffing
  103. Earl Grace
  104. Rox Lawson
  105. Stan Hack
  106. Augie Galan
  107. Frankie Frisch
  108. Bill McKechnie
  109. Bill Lee
  110. Connie Mack
  111. Frank Reiber
  112. Zeke Bonura
  113. Luke Appling
  114. Monte Pearson
  115. Bob O’Farrell
  116. Marvin Duke
  117. Paul Florence
  118. John Berley
  119. Tom Oliver
  120. Norman Kies
  121. Hal King
  122. Tom Abernathy
  123. Phil Hensick
  124. Rah Schalk
  125. Paul Dunlap
  126. Benny Bates
  127. George Puccinelli
  128. Stevie Stevenson
  129. Rabbit Maranville
  130. Bucky Harris
  131. Al Lopez
  132. Buddy Myer
  133. Cliff Bolton
  134. Estel Crabtree
  135. Philip Weintraub

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