1916 D303 Mothers’ Bread Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title D303 Mothers’ Bread and Checklist
Year 1916
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Bakery
Number in Set

D303 Mothers’ Bread Overview

D303 Mothers Bread BackD303MothersBread Bender.jpgThe 1916 D303 Mothers’ Bread set is similar to the D303 General Baking issue. That in turn makes it similar to the E106 American Caramel and the E90 American Caramel cards, since those cards are also closely related to the General Baking cards, too. That makes sense as General Baking was said to have been the parent company of Mothers’ Bread.

Instead of the General Baking backs, which stated that they are with ‘Compliments of General Baking Company’ and were available until September 1st, these are a little different. The General Baking cards were packaged with the company’s Star Bread, French Bread, and Little General Bread products and stated as such on the backs. However the Mothers’ Bread cards had that name printed, calling it, ‘The Perfect Loaf’ and stating it was sold for ten cents.

These cards were also produced in New Orleans.

Both are difficult to find but the Mothers’ Bread cards are more scarce than the General Baking issues.

It is also worth noting that several of the cards from this set were recycled images, making them sort of generic. Several cards, including Buck Weaver’s, used pictures of players from other sets. Weaver’s card specifically offers the same picture used for Hall of Famer Joe Tinker found in the E106 set. Using the same picture for more than one player was a relatively common practice. Other sets, such as the N284 Buchner Gold Coin set or the E91 American Caramel issue, followed this practice.

While the cards are less pleasing aesthetically, the reusing of images for various players doesn’t always kill the value. Star cards from this set as well as N284 and E91, for example, are still very valuable.

D303 Mothers’ Bread Checklist

Per the SGC and PSA pop reports, those companies have graded almost all of the known cards in the set.

Note that two cards in the list below have not yet been verified but are believed by many collectors to be in the set – Rube Bressler and Nap Lajoie. I have added them here with asterisks but cannot confirm their existence.

  1. Chief Bender
  2. Bob Bescher
  3. Rube Bressler*
  4. Donie Bush
  5. Hal Chase
  6. Bill Donovan
  7. Larry Doyle
  8. Happy Felsch
  9. Eddie Foster
  10. George Gibson
  11. Roy Hartzell
  12. Nap Lajoie*
  13. Hans Lobert
  14. William Louden
  15. Rube Marquard
  16. Christy Mathewson
  17. Meyer
  18. Ray Morgan
  19. Eddie Plank
  20. Tris Speaker
  21. Joe Tinker
  22. Honus Wagner
  23. Buck Weaver

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