Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards Sets

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Title Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards
Year Varies
Size 2 5/16″ x 3 3/8″
Images Black and Blue Ink
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards Overview

Aydelott's Playing FieldThe Aydelott’s Baseball Game, like others in the era, was a way for players simulate a baseball game. There are two different Aydelott’s sets. One was produced in 1910 and another was produced prior to that – likely in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Despite that, these cards were sold much later into the 1920s at least.

This game was the creation of a former baseball player, pitcher Jake Aydelott. Aydelott pitched for the Indianapolis Hoosiers in 1884 and the Philadelphia Athletics in 1886. He was only moderately successful with a 5-9 career record and a 4.79 ERA. Aydelott was one of several former players to create similar games that used baseball cards. Others included Tim Jordan and also Walter Maills, to name a few.

Reports vary on the number of cards in the game but they seem to vary between the two sets. Players would simulate baseball actions and plays by playing different cards against their opponent. The game was compact using only the playing cards, a folded sheet of paper to serve as the playing field, and small wooden game pieces to be used for the baserunners.

The cards are standard playing cards with rounded corners. Fronts of the cards varied by type.

Type 1 Set

Aydelott's BackAydelott's Game CardThese cards are believed to be printed earlier. Until recently, they were not even widely known and they are much rarer than the other type.

The cards have a slightly more rustic look. Some reports indicate they were printed in the late 1800s or the early 1900s. Others are more specific, citing 1903. However, Aydelott’s, as old newspapers prove, he had created a game by 1885 at the latest. Still others cite 1910 as the other set is believed to have been printed. Given Aydelott is credited with making the game no later than 1885 and the banal nature of these cards, that would be the date I would suggest for them.

The dating of the set could also be in 1907 or 1908. That is because an advertisement exists stating that a copy of Nap Lajoie’s 1908 Base Ball guide. However, my guess is that these cards, like other game issues, were simply sold for many years.

In other words, dating is very fuzzy for the time being. The only thing I believe can be ruled out is 1910, assuming that is when the second set was printed. The two Aydelott’s logos are different and that wouldn’t make sense if the two sets were printed in the same year.

The easiest way to distinguish these cards from the others is that this set did not have pictures. One side has a large Aydelott’s logo with small baseballs in the background. The other side merely has printed actions.

It is unknown how many cards exist in the set, with reports ranging from about 105 to 125.

Type 2 Set

1910 Aydelott

1910 Aydelott Back

This set is similar to the first issue but has some differences as well.

The actions printed on the cards appear to be either the same or similar to ones found in the earlier set. As stated, the primary difference is the addition of some generic players to one side as well as the Aydelott’s logo on both sides.

Also, as mentioned above, the Aydelott’s logo is also different from the other set. This logo has the Aydelott’s name on the outside as opposed to inside of the baseball. It also includes what is presumed to be a stack of cards.

While not as valuable, these cards may have slightly more appeal to your everyday collector because of the added pictures of generic players. They are much more common and easier to find as well.

As is the case with the first type, a clear number of how many cards are in the set is not known.

Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards Checklist

As the cards have only printed game actions on them and are without pictures, a checklist is not provided here.

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