1910 Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards Set and Checklist

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Title Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards
Year 1910
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

1910 Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards Overview

1910 Aydelott Back1910 AydelottThe 1910 Aydelott’s Baseball Game, like others in the era, was a way for players simulate a baseball game.

This game was the creation of a former baseball player, pitcher Jake Aydelott. Aydelott pitched for the Indianapolis Hoosiers in 1884 and the Philadelphia Athletics in 1886. He was only moderately successful with a 5-9 career record and a 4.79 ERA. Aydelott was one of several former players to create similar games that used baseball cards. Others included Tim Jordan and also Walter Maills, to name a few.

The game included more than 100 cards in the deck. Players would simulate baseball actions and plays by playing different cards against their opponent. The game was compact using only the playing cards, a folded sheet of paper to serve as the playing field, and small wooden game pieces to be used for the baserunners.

The cards are standard playing cards with rounded corners. Fronts of the cards had game actions printed with the Aydelott’s logo at the bottom (all printing was in black ink). Backs of the cards had a cartoon baseball scene with a fielder and a sliding baseball runner. The Aydelott’s logo was there as well and the scene was over top of a background that included many small baseballs.

Because the cards don’t feature specific players, value for these cards tends to be relatively low. But at over 100 years old, the cards are still desired by pre-war collectors.

1910 Aydelott’s Baseball Game Cards Checklist

As the cards have only printed game actions on them and are without pictures, a checklist is not provided here.

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